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What is worse than a weekend in Tulsa? Mondays in Tulsa!

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Weekends in Tulsa are pathetic affairs, highlights typically being another gun and knife show, some kind of home improvement show, an overpriced concert or two, and watching the paint dry on Mrs. Jones’ garage. Even those events are the exception, with the norm being watching the paint slowly peel off Mrs. Jones’ garage.

Few others will tell you this truth, but your time and money are worth way more than anything Tulsa, Oklahoma has to offer on a great weekend. Consider this weekend’s ‘FreeTulsa’ concert. With record-breaking heat all around, promoters decided to forge ahead with the event, as the KTUL blog reports.

Tellingly, besides the grammatical and punctuation errors that are the norm for Tulsa bloggers, KTUL’s Yvonne Lewis prefaces her entry with ‘Complaints of nothing to do in Tulsa are being answered tonight.’ Couple things here. First, who has heard or read or seen anything but praise for Tulsa’s vast entertainment complex? I mean, who complains? Complaining is when there is an exception, and ‘nothing to do’ is not the exception. Is the sky blue? Water wet? Tulsa boring? I mean, who complains?

Second, how crappy are the entertainment options in Tulsa that directing young people to a few slabs of concrete in dangerous downtown during a killer heat wave is a good idea? It is similar to – but not identical – to the situation one or two winters back and wretched KRMGeeeeee was the chief sponsor of a home improvement show. Well, a record snowstorm hit the day before their event and even though the radio station’s dorky storm alert klaxon was sounding and the roads were nearly impassable and authorities were discouraging driving for anything but emergencies – KRMG’s little show went on, deadly streets or not.

So how irresponsible is it to have an outdoor music festival on the concrete desert of downtown? Pretty irresponsible. How irresponsible is it to try and shame the kids into taking their lives into their own hands to support another lipstick-on-a-pig attempt at luring the youth downtown? Good parents would never allow their under-age children (-18 years) to visit downtown Tulsa unaccompanied, anyway. Attendees +18 are just more proof positive that in Tulsa, the smart ones leave.


Written by thetulsan

August 1, 2011 at 8:59 am

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