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American Airlines Employees Would Love to Move to Dallas

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So the $22,000,000 Vision 2025 gave American Airlines of County Tulsans’ money was not enough to permanently secure all AA jobs in Troll-town for all time – surprise! Now its Maintenance Operations Center with about 600 jobs is likely going to be relocated to Dallas. The Union is all upset, and are begging Tulsans to tell American to not do this. Well, here is my effort:

Dear American Airlines:

I encourage your company to move its Maintenance Operation Center out of Tulsa to Dallas. This is an easy call and I hope you do the right thing for your employees and make that move.

You know how you hear all the time how unions do not represent the sentiment of the majority of their members? This is one of those times. The majority of the TWU unit currently imprisoned in Tulsa would love and I mean L-O-V-E to move to Dallas. This represents a financial liability to the union members only because of their crummy investments in their homes and not any sort of emotional attachment to Godforsaken Tulsa County. All the Union is doing is grandstanding to win some concession or another from you evil corporate types, not to hold on tooth and nail to live in (formerly) Green Country.

Ask around and you will quickly find that few if any Tulsa Graduates relocate, move back, settle, dig in, or otherwise try and stay in Tulsa. They fly away like birds released from their cages, and just as fast and high. Ask the Union what percentage of their children stayed in Tulsa, you will see a lot of no hands. Ask how many moved to Dallas or Texas and you will see a lot of hands. So whatever reasons they may purport to offer in terms of las familias are bogus.

Next, I am sure American has a lot more infrastructure in Dallas, which means greater profits than having this Op Center half the country away in Tulsa. Staying in Tulsa will no doubt cost your company a lot more than moving to Dallas. Plus, Texas is rolling in cash and can easily double any incentives Oklahoma or Tulsa could ever dream of offering, just have another bidding war and you know who will win.

I hope this helps your deliberations, and will lead to more American employees leaving this crummy backwater.


Written by thetulsan

August 3, 2011 at 3:12 pm

2 Responses

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  1. To the bitter person going by the alias TheTulsan. I happen to be one of the employees affected by the proposed move to DFW. I can tell you and anyone else reading this obscure blog that your statements could not be further from the facts of the situation. It is a fact that most of the people that would be affected by the proposed relocation do NOT want to go to that dump called Dallas. Also it is a fact that the proposed move is being driven by a certain group of directors that have personal motivations to be in Dallas. A serious accurate business case for spending at least 25 million to relocate this operation to Dallas has still yet to be articulated. Most of the employees in this center love the Tulsa area and will stay here.
    From reading your blogs it appears you are the unhappy one here in Tulsa. Maybe you should seek residence elsewhere and stop trying to speek on subjects where you are completely ignorant.
    Jeff Jackson


    September 26, 2011 at 1:21 pm

  2. Im not from Tulsa or Dallas, but Im one who stands the chance of being reloacted and to be honest…Im Glad to have a job. People relocate for jobs all the time, what makes this such a big deal? We have moved to three different states, for the job! We have no family in Tulsa or Dallas, but having a paycheck sure beats “living where I love it!” A company has a right to do what it feels is best, for the company. If ANY employee doesnt like it…find another job, thats your right.

    The only thing Im not pleased with is the company not being forthright with the information. I dont like hearing “hearsay” from the news, or the internet. Is it happening? Is it not? Did the Governor or the Mayor “talk” American out of moving? I heard it was only 250 jobs, not 600? If we are moving, right now is a good time since its a buyers market. Should I buy now and commute or wait? I heard they might offer to buy our homes if we cant sell…(hope its true!).

    Moving always comes with adjustments…this is just one more. Oh well. Im just glad to have a job.

    Neither Tulsan or Dallas

    September 30, 2011 at 10:29 pm

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