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Turleystan burning! Hundreds of acres, dozens of homes burn as gross Tulsa eyes 117 degrees!

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Is Turley its own little town? A neighborhood? A state of mind? Well, whatever it was is gone, and replaced with a huge, gross, blackened scar over the Northern edge of the City of Tulsa. The sad collection of semi-rural, ghetto bordered homes and trailers is no more, effectively, following a raging fire that swept through the mythical town yesterday. Helpless Tulsans (and are there any other kind of Tulsans?) watched from all over as the thick black smoke rose like a growing shroud over the ersatz city, leading to road closings and mandatory evacuations and heartbreak for the poor people who had the misfortune of calling themselves Turleystanians.

But wait! There is more! Grass fires raged in Sapulpa, West Tulsa, and other areas around sucky Tulsa as the drone-like denizens of that forsaken ‘metro-area’ prepared to sucky up to potential temps approaching 117 degrees! I told you Tulsa was hell on earth, and the Almighty is underscoring that reality by providing a tangible acknowledgment of that reality.

But wait! There is more! Water rationing will begin forthwith as selfish Tulsans suck up record amounts of water, meaning any City Tulsan will have to water in the wee hours of the morning or in the pre-bake hours of daylight (midnight to noon). With zero rainfall in our watershed or on the horizon, waiting to impose the restrictions is like waiting until the last second to jump out of the way of a speeding train. Nothing is stopping that train, so why wait? Just more pathetic leadership from Tulsans who are unable to pick their toes without the go-ahead from the Committee.

Do not mistake this sardonic post with actual happiness about the poor people who have lost their property. There is no joy – just the sad realization that if they had not lived in Tulsa . . .


Written by thetulsan

August 3, 2011 at 7:16 am

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