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Randy Brogdon to run for vacant US House District 2? Coward!

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Slap me in the head three times and chant ‘carpetbagger’! Rumor has OK Senator Randy Brogdon (R-Owasso) thinking about running for Dan Boren’s seat when baby Boren hangs up his spurs and returns to his roots and family in District 2.

Of course, Brogdon is a resident of District 1, and simply does not have the courage to lead a good-old fashioned rebellion against the incomprehensibly awful John Sullivan. Sullivan – a true RINO – is known for his vicious campaigns against anyone who would even mildly criticize him – has provided zero leadership during this crisis, which is what Brogdon will offer District 2. If Brogdon cannot marshal the right-wing of District 1 he has no chance of making any change in Washington, much less disaffected District 2 types. He may think he is fashioned in the mold of Coburn, but he is more in the mold of Inhoff.

If Brogdon thinks he can change Washington he should point his barrel over at Sullivan, or shut the frik up. He should lead the troops in establishing a State Bank of Oklahoma, get some pro-state 10th Amendmenty legislation passed, or just admit he wants to be another lifetimer in Washington who squashes all hope of change without a clue who will do exactly what the GOP tells him to do.

Brogdon should do the right thing and challenge Sullivan in a primary – but he will not. Too bad. Maybe his detractors are right and he is just another fameball.


Written by thetulsan

August 9, 2011 at 8:58 am

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