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Things are going to get much, much worse in the steaming pile of Vomit called Tulsa

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Interested Tulsans may want to investigate how much debt will be added to the financing of the so-called BOK Arena and so-called ONEOK Field now that the Worse Case Scenario has befallen us and America’s debt has been downgraded. Anyone out there know? Anyone care? I did not think so. While Rome burned Nero fiddled, and as Tulsa metaphorically burns its leaders will be clapping their hands and jumping up and down in their box seats as The Next Big Thing from five years ago plays the Arena.

The fact is borrowing will become more expensive because of that whole credit rating thing, while the dollar quickly loses about 40% of its value over the next half year. All the support the Federal government has been doling out to the states and cities is getting ready to shrivel up, and the economic crisis that your crappy, corrupt, inbred backwater Tulsa has avoided should come crashing home.

Too bad, because a lot of good people are going to be severely hurt by this economic cataclysm when it reaches this pile of vomit known as the City of Tulsa. But you drones will just go on goosestepping to whatever bullcrap the media bloggers tell you to step to. You follow them, moron, right over the cliff, just do not take the hands of innocents around you and drag them with you.

So what to do? Hedge against future price increases on food staples, sell your crappy Tulsa home, liquidate as many assets as possible, do not take on new debt, and get ready to move. You can certainly hunker down in Tulsa during the meltdown, but Tulsa is a crappy town under the best circumstances, and all that will be left is City employees squeezing you meat bags for the last drop of taxes they can get before you go bust and they seize your home for pennies on the dollar.


Written by thetulsan

August 9, 2011 at 7:24 am

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