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Try fasting at least one day during Ramadan, you ska hipster, you!

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With Clash-esque anthems of rage and disaffection such as ‘Sharia Law in the USA’ and ‘Suicide Bomb the Gap,’ the Kominas are hard not to like, no? It is hard to say if they are reminiscent of The Clash or are just a naked facsimile of them, but the Kominas have a tightly produced sound and funky swag that put them in the same class of bands as many, many bands out there. Their schtick – being sort of confused Islamic youth – recalls the same rebellious spirit of the Sex Pistol’s ‘Anarchy in the USA’ or the aforementioned Clash’s ‘Combat Rock.’

While the Pistols and Clash were foreboding, they never had the praxis – or line of action – as the Kominas. This makes the basement performance of ‘Suicide Bomb the Gap’ a little unsettling. The whole thing seems a little hobbled together and awkward, and the conspiratorial part of me wonders how much of the Muslim punk scene is a legitimate expression of lower class boredom and how much is a calculated effort to spread Islam. With mentally unstable young men a dime a dozen, the Kominas should be very, very careful. This is not playing Judas Priest backwards, or Ozzy Osborne singing about alcoholism, this is a command, ‘[You] Suicide Bomb the Gap.’ Anyway…

But here is a great, funky, song that hits on every level. No idea what it is about, but certainly is a catchy song that shows the guys as just another group of funky hipsters.

So for better or worse, the Kominas ask the all-important question ‘Why should the Great Satan have all the good music?’ Whether they will catch on or royally piss off either end of the spectrum or get blamed for some wicked act is unclear, all I know is that it is only rock and roll (and I like it.)


Written by thetulsan

August 10, 2011 at 7:24 am

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