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No one wants to develop crappy Tulsa’s west side of the Arkansas River

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How much money did Mayor’s Dewshbag Admin spend on the RFP’s for development of the West Bank of the Arkansas? Who cares? Too much is the right answer!

After a year of prying ideas from the best minds in Troll-town, here are the three that were submitted.

1.A Retirement Center with an entertainment district and roller-coaster-equipped theme park. No. Really. Retirees and amusement parks are as normal as peanut butter and cod liver oil, as mayonaise and bbq. In fact, every geezer I speek with just goes on and on about needing entertainment venues and roller coasters nearby. They dig all the kids and the excitement!

2. An 800′ oil derrick replica Oh snap! Why did I not think of that? Nothing but nothing spurs the economy like a great big 70-story oil derrick. Like that big cross by Amarillo or the Cadillac Ranch or the biggest ball of twine, folk flock from miiiiiles around. Maybe we can have a big statue of an Osage warrior next to it, kind of leaning on it. Yeah, that would be original!

3. An Olympic venue for 2020 Ohhhhh I forgot all about the Olympics! How could I forget about that? What is that, you say? THE OLYMPICS ARE NOT COMING TO TROLL-TOWN?! There is ZERO CHANCE of even having the Olympics in 2020, so why even submit a proposal? Does this even count? No! Can we please stop with this stupidity?

So what is next? How about an RFP for a spaceport on top of the BOK Tower? A fish farm under the baseball stadium? Who knows and who cares? The River stinks, is largely empty, the area of concern is toxic, and putting shopping and entertainment venues there is as great an idea as moving the Promenade closer to the ghetto over at 51st/Yale.

Just another great big FAIL for the Doucy Bartlett administration. Honestly, can you believe how incredibly inept this buffoon is? Tulsa is a risky investment scenario in the best of circumstances, and without massive amounts of socialist investment (taxes) nothing will come of the impulse to ‘redevelop’ that wild west bank.


Written by thetulsan

August 11, 2011 at 1:41 pm

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