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Report: Tulsa Police Pepper Spray dude on FOX23 Tower

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As if pepper-spraying injured, helpless motorists is not bad enough, our incredibly abusive, lousy police have pepper-sprayed the desperate climber on the FOX23 broadcast tower. The meth-fueled or mentally ill climber – who has been up the tower for about five days – was lured close to the ground with the promise of food when hit with the noxious hail storm of ‘pepper balls’ during the earliest moments of the ‘standoff’.

William Sturdivant II – a 25 year old Edison grad – is said to have walked to Dallas and back once, and was released earlier this year after serving time for burglary and drug possession. In our corrupt town, these are probably trumped-up charges taken to the Nth degree because Sturdivant is ‘black.’ Because he is black, Sturdivant should be glad that all he got was pepper-sprayed – if the responding cops could have they would have shot him or beat him to death as soon as he struggled. Tulsa is rife with that kind of police abuse, and the fact there were cameras nearby likely saved Sturdivant’s life.

The bungled response has made Tulsa a punchline, once again, which is ironic because street crime and police ineptitude are not funny. How many EMSA, TFD, and TPD does it take to monitor this dude? Dozens and dozens of our uncivil servants, apparently. What a waste of resources! Another absolute failure of resources by Mayor Douchy’s administration. Everyone knows the way to get a meth user off towers is to let them ‘come down’ and, after a struggle, calmly try and arrest the person. For someone with mental illness, offering cigarettes would be a good idea. Besides bungling the initial response, it took TPD FOUR DAYS to back off and leave a skeleton force to observe.

The way our lousy police operate is to hit the mental methhead with pepper spray when he is at terminal height, waste thousands and thousands of dollars in overtime, waiting for the guy to come down so he can struggle with them and they can beat the living shit out of him. They are good at that and little else. This situation should never have gone this long, but then, our stupid Tulsa Police should not have used pepper balls to subdue Sturdivant.


Written by thetulsan

August 12, 2011 at 11:13 am

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