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Tim Harris lets alleged sex offender escape sex offender status to spare Cascia Hall kid’s feelings

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Tim Harris – who likes to portray himself as the defender of abused children – has empowered an allegedly-admitted sex offender so that the Cascia Hall ‘victim’ does not have to be embarrassed by testifying in court. Jason Paul Haydock had sent sexts to a 16-year old’s phone, presumably offering to schlob the nob on the junior fob. Tim Harris does not care about your kid, Tulsan. Your kid can get sodomized all day long for as much as he cares, as long as the Soc’s feeeeeelings are not hurt.

The accused – a paid assistant wrestling coach at the swanky school for stuffed-wallet types – plead out to counts of outraging public decency. This means that the alleged pervert will escape sex offender status, a status that is dealt out to anyone who has ever been caught peeing drunk behind a bush or in a deserted alley. The sexting charge was downgraded to outraging public decency, just a made-up charge that has nothing to do with being a sexual offender.

One of the principle axioms of crime prevention is that when an offender is caught the book should be thrown at that person to help identify the person if a similar crime is committed that the offender may be guilty of. The idea being that the crime the perpetrator is accused of being just the one crime that can be proved, that there are other offenses in the past or – without a harsh conviction – waiting to occur. With sex offenders, the recidivism rate is high enough that applying the stigma to molesters and restricting their access to youth is seen as critical to stopping the scourge of child molestation.

By allowing the Cascia parents to avoid the ’embarrassment’ of a trial, unknown numbers of children are presumably at risk for molestation by Haydock – if indeed he is guilty of the heinous acts. How emotionally troubling would it be for a teen wrestler to testify? What else occurred that would have been so troubling? Sounds like a certain Cascia Hall family may be looking to send Junior to one of those ‘re-orientation’ camps – at least before joining P-FLAG.

I would want to know what Haydock would have testified. Maybe the offer for the sucky sucky was part of a larger sexual relationship the two had, and the sexts were just one part of that relationship. Maybe the kid confessed to having homosexual urges or feelings about Haydock or having gay relationships or being abused by his father or cousin. My guess is that the Cascia Hall wrestler was having funny feelings in the locker room or was secretly allowing himself to get pinned.

This is just further evidence how District Attorney Harris is just a miserable failure who is not protecting Tulsa from hard-core criminals. That he has remained in power for so long is just another reason that Tulsa is just a horrible place to live. He does the bidding of the lawyered-up rich, and shits hellfire and retribution on any poor or defenseless person, throwing the book at little people while the rich and connected have their way with him.

Tulsa sucks so bad in every way, and Harris is one of the chief reasons our crime is out of control.


Written by thetulsan

August 13, 2011 at 8:06 am

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  1. He let him get off because Tim Harris has a dark sexual secret of his own.. google it and watch what comes up. Tim Harris is a pervert who posts craigslist ads for sex seeking young girls of his own, funny how the locations all coincide with his “business trips”


    September 6, 2013 at 3:19 am

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