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Nothing makes Alex Jones hate Rush Limbaugh like his love for Ron Paul…

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…and whatever look Rush gave the Dittocam when he saw Ron Paul at the ice cream stand in Iowa really set Jones off!

Paul – the heir to whatever scraps of flesh are left on the Ronald Reagan wing of the Grand Old Party (GOP) – has just won the first GOP debate for President, and essentially tied former Tulsan Michelle Bachman in a key straw-poll (the former IRS Prosecutor is accused of ‘buying’ 4,000 delegates) among Iowa Republicans. Congressman Paul is Founding Father material for sure, and Limbaugh’s disdain for him shined through his angry visage as he saw Paul working the crowd at the Fair.

The intensity of the full-spectrum media manipulation behind the talking point ‘he cannot win’ infuriates Ron Paul supporters, and, starting at 33:00 on today’s broadcast, Jones gets furious at the Great One. ‘Brain burning with data and information,’ Jones – who has been listening to ‘neocon’ radio more lately – hears the political game and blames it for destroying our Constitutional Republic, reacting viscerally, ‘like a bear coming out of the cave.’ In fact, a good deal of invective issued forth about Rush today: ‘a cyborg, I feel sorry for him,’ ‘pillhead,’ ‘candyass libertarian,’ ‘coward,’ ‘Republican watercarrier,’ ‘one evil piece of garbage,’ ‘Limbo,’ and a ‘sold-out blob of puss.’

A lot of you want to know why Rush hates Paul. The problem is that Paul came to the GOP as a libertarian, so he started as an outsider during the RINO days of Ford and Dole and when the GOP was happy with being the minority party. Secondly, he threatens the Military Industrial Complex (the one Eisenhower warned us about), and Limbaugh’s chief patron in his early days was a major defense contractor. Thirdly, seeks to restore a pre-Federal Reserve America, ultimate goal being to abolish the Federal Reserve and make Congress act according to the Constitution; puzzling why Limbaugh is opposed to that, but probably once again his alliances are with the rich and powerful and he is just carrying their water. Fourthly, Paul’s pro-state agenda – whereby states can shed Federal drug laws for their own – is a definite threat to the Criminal Injustice Complex of jails and prisons and all the jobs the ‘drug war’ provide.

In short, Paul is a modern Founding Father preaching revolutionary principles – while Limbaugh is a sophistic entertainer, and for all those reasons none is more important than Rush’s jealousy of Ron Paul’s popularity. Limbaugh posits himself as on the tip of the spear, ahead of the curve, the leading voice of Conservatism, but Paul’s growing resonance threatens Limbaugh’s position. Rush is afraid that he is losing control of his listeners with every flourish of applause for the Congressman, and sees Paul as a threat to his made-up role as the leader of the Conservatives. For all his brilliant arguments, Limbaugh is not a revolutionary – he is on the sidelines commenting.

This commentary is not without consequence, and Limbaugh hopes to handicap the GOP race much as he did the Democrat Primary in 2008; the neo-cons were intent on stopping Hillary from winning the primary, and in a very real sense helped Obama get elected. In that race, the neo-cons were enthusiastically upsetting the Dems’ apple cart. They are acting as counter-revolutionaries with Paul, and trying to stifle the insurgent Congressman and his loyal supporters.

Infowars featured this excellent report from Russia Today. At a brisk 3:33, the clip starts with Juan Williams and fades into the dittocam; see if you think El Rushbo was harsh on Paul: ‘He will destroy this Party,’ ‘nuts on parade.’ And was he scowling? Hard to tell.


Written by thetulsan

August 15, 2011 at 11:07 pm

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