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KFAQ’s Eddie Huff in trouble again for stupid comments

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See? Eddie Huff is one sorry piece of crap! Just days after uttering the word ‘nigger’ on air – the negro neo-con has further revealed how pathetic he is, calling beloved City Councilor and fellow negro Jack Henderson a ‘rent-a-negro’ for taking PAC money from some filthy Chamberpot-affiliated group.

I did not listen to the unlistenable ‘morning show’ because, well, it is unlistenable. Apparently, though, the colored co-host also called Henderson ‘Sambo,’ ‘Quimbo,’ and the granddaddy of all insults among our African-American friends, an ‘Uncle Tom.’

Apparently, one of Henderson’s opponents for the Dem primary is one Twan Jones, who supposedly works for Huff. KFAQ: standing up for what is wrong! But those comments are tame compared to the vile invective and dangerous imagery with which I said that several members of our outstanding justice community should burn in hell and deserve to have their faces peeled and fed to the dogs. Then I damned them to hell.

I want to apologize for those remarks and clarify that those individuals listed should be damned to hell and THEN be eviscerated, actually in hell, see, and not on this earth. On this mortal coil, they should be scorned and embarrassed to be associated with the handling of my accident, false arrest, torture, false imprisonment, and subsequent prosecution in the worst little city this side of Sapulpa. This incident should be investigated at the highest level possible – because in the wake of the Lynette Dixon Affair, the whole ‘obstruction’ thing was addressed at the highest level, and it is clear that Someone ordered a ‘code red’ for obstructionists.

Some fellow travelers (wink wink nod nod, DOUBLE-G!) were quite surprised that the scars from the handcuffs are still visible, four months after Tornberg’s torture. In this new civil war that is upon us – whichever side shoots first will lose the war. I should not be coy and cryptic in this matter because the survival of our Nation hangs on all of our words and deeds, and the humiliating and inhumane treatment I received should not be visited on any of the wrongdoers in any way, shape or form but through words, and words alone. And video. And audio. And pictures.

So who are you carrying water for? Whose bidding do you do? Do you serve your Higher Ideals? Follow a moral compass at all? What more will it take than my solemn witness to these facts before you get it? If this can happen to me, this can happen to anyone you love and will for years and years again in this awful, awful place.

Uncle Tom? Quimbo? Sambo? Quisling! Benedict Arnold!


Written by thetulsan

August 23, 2011 at 2:55 pm

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