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Astroturf Activist Groups a Dime a Dozen in Tulsa

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The FOX23 blog reports that two ‘conservative’ groups plan a protest regarding the suspension of a police captain who refused to order his surly underlings to attend an outreach function at the Tulsa Mosque.

So who knew that Glenn Beck’s astroturf 9/12 project could gather 53000 signatures? Really? Did you or anyone you know sign? And if the 9/12 Project gathered 53Km what is up with Act for America that they could not get one signature? That sure seems like a lot of work to try and get a mention on Beck’s show or website. Some enterprising journalist should look into those signatures, ask a few more questions. That this astroturf group claims as many signatures as folk who voted in the last City-wide election is suspicious. A look at the Tulsa 9/12 Chapter website really tells the tale: there is some dead link or what-not for anyone to type in their name, City of Tulsa resident or not (presumably if the link was actually working).

And ‘officials’ with the groups? What does it take to be an ‘official’? How does FOX know they are duly elected, board-certified ‘officials’? Is that like being an ‘official’ in the He-man Women Haters Club? If I create a ‘club’ and appoint myself President Supreme, can I strut around with a scepter and robe?

This type of crap is part of what makes Tulsa such an awful, awful place. While our TPD is the worst in the nation for reported cases of police misconduct, slave-like Tulsans worship (and I mean fall-on-knees-crying worship) the pigs in blue. Every crime story on local blogs makes the story about our lying, evil police (‘TPD investigates murder…’ ‘TPD called after accident…’ ‘TPD expects nice weather…’ ‘TPD to watch college football…’ ‘TPD has the highest per-capita rate of reported misconduct in the nation…’) instead of the victim of whatever incident the blog is trying to misinform you about.

Captain Fields deserved to be fired, not just sent to the corner. Who is to say this was not an intelligence-gathering operation? What prevented Fields from attending and witnessing to the evil, swarthy Mooslims? Of course, I believe that the entire police force – especially that wicked, incompetent boob Chief Jordan – should be let go en masse, replaced with whistle-blowing meter maids and report-takers. The TPD are literally despised by 90% of Tulsans, and every Tulsan has some terrible experience or another to relate, not just my woeful tale of false arrest, false reporting, false imprisonment and unlawful torture. The FOP is a criminal organization that does not care about the safety of Tulsans, and membership in that criminal organization should be grounds for immediate dismissal from our payroll.

Further, I wish these ‘conservatives’ would get off their asses and demand that our troops be brought home. No other nation has put this much stress on its military, and it is destroying families and lives and making more enemies in an effort we cannot afford. Also, if local Beckites want to live in the shock and fear and dread of the day following That Awful Day, what does that say about them? I do not want to react out of the emotions following the CIA’s attack on America anymore than I want to live the day after any other horrific event. Revenge is best served cold; keeping the population in a constant state of tension is a psychological tactic designed to enslave – not protect – a citizenry.

So these well-meaning sheep want to do what exactly? Are they protesting the TPD or the individual commander giving the order? Is this a show of support for Fields or against the Mosque? Are they standing up for anarchy and insubordination or the rule of law? Do they hate Muslims so much they are afraid of even being in their presence, and yet will send their sons and fathers to kill them in their home countries?

Maybe they should protest in support of Qaddaffi (sic). His country is being overrun by Al Queda – with NATO air support and the support of Brit and US Special Forces, and not a word from any of the neo-cons about that (or theilliberal left). There is a ‘9/12’ for you: ten years later America is installing an Islamic, al-Queda lead rebel group in the pearl of African countries. But Tulsans get their panties in a wad about some stupid police officer who thinks he is a Law unto himself. Bah!


Written by thetulsan

August 30, 2011 at 7:24 am

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