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American Airlines MOC Employees not Serious about staying in Trollberg (Tulsa)

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Dear American Airlines:

Your employees in Tulsa are not serious about wanting to stay in this forsaken backwater. Not serious at all. They truly want to go to Dallas, but they are afraid of breaking up with Tulsa. They talk themselves into all these reasons about why they would want to stay, but they do not mean it. They would L-O-V-E to move to Dallas.

For instance, at the FOX23 blog, an employee’s wife tells her tale of woe. How bad is her desire to stay in Troll-town, how deep is her love for Tulsa, how awful would a move to Dallas be? Not much on all three counts.

“My husband loves his job,” says Heather Wyman. “He will move to Dallas because he loves what he does, so we will go to Dallas, we don’t want to but we will [FOX23 chose not to use a period and quotation marks – just a hyphen.] This contrasts quite sharply with a nice lady I spoke with whose husband was transferred here, and just told me ‘I would move back to Dallas in a heartbeat. The schools are better, there is more to do, the economy is better…’ and then she just gazed out the window for a moment at the dreary Tulsa landscape. ‘In a heartbeat.’

No reason to stay was given by FOX23 except for the Wymans’ whining brat: “I am feeling sad worried scared,” says Wyman’s son, Ian Wyman. “I’ve made a lot of friends up here.” See? the only person who can express a reason for staying in Oklahoma is the kid, and his compelling reason is a fear of making new friends! Fear is never a good reason for making a decision, son.

And what grassroots organization? No Facebook group? No website? No, no need to tell its blog readers about those, FOX23 decides. Just a pleading for ‘everyone in Tulsa’ to sign some petition. Is that everyone in the City or County? Do these people actually fly American, or whatever carrier is offering the cheapest flight out of this dump? If a petition signer cannot produce an American Airlines ticket say for the past two years – no, let us say five years – their signature means squat.

American Airlines, none of our City, County, State, or Federal office-holders make it a point to fly your airline. City and County Tulsans do not make it a point to fly your airlines. They care as much about American Airlines as they do about roadkill. They would fly on al Queda Air if it saved them a nickel. Does American Airlines have more riders per capita in Tulsa than anywhere else? No? No.

American, most Tulsans want you to make the decision that keeps your company in business longer because a lot more jobs are at risk than the whiners from the Op Center. Your employees will be happier if you move, your business will save money, and maybe the Trolltowners and Okies can step up their support if they are serious about keeping them jobs around.



Written by thetulsan

September 1, 2011 at 9:53 am

One Response

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  1. Just for your information, there are a lot of people here in the Maintenance Operations Center that happen to enjoy being here in Tulsa. And furthermore do not want to leave.
    After reading your comments I am forced to reply. I strongly resent your crass,unwarrented, impolite comments about Mrs Wyman. I personally have met this woman. She is in my opinion caring mother who has commented that she will follow her husband to DFW. I did not hear or read any snivelling, In all honesty I am offended. The very fact that you will not identify your self indicates to me you will state your opinions with out regard to the common decancy of standing up for your words. You can attack a good woman without fear of reprisal.
    If AA does indeed go to DFW that is the decision we must live with. However I hope they realize many union and nonunion people are not going. It is just not worth it.
    Now just so you are aware of this, My name is Bill McGuire I have worked in the MOC for over ten years. Come see me any time.
    Again leave peoples wives and kids alone. If you are unable to support your arguments or ideas without bringing some ones family in shut the hell up.


    September 26, 2011 at 12:59 pm

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