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FOX23 Blog: Trolltown (Tulsa) Founding Father – like Hitler – had good, bad moments

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Filed under the ‘no shit’ category, ThisLand reveals how Tulsa’s Founding Father – Tate Brady – was one of the kingpins in tarrings, lynchings, that so-called ‘race riot’ (read: ethnic cleansing), and more, so much more.

The FOX23 blog – who have hours and hours of news to fill up every day – reports this report as revealing Brady’s ‘checkered’ past. Calling Brady’s legacy as ‘checkered’ is sort of like noting that Hitler was real hit-or-miss, is it not? Some good, some bad, it all balances out, right?

Not exactly. In the wicked, corrupt, backwater shitfest known as Tulsa, Oklahoma, the racism just marches on with different clothes. Now we use lingo like ‘North Tulsa’ to mean dangerous, poor, and black. ‘South Tulsa’ means safe, solidly middle class, and white. Perpetuated by the media, Tulsa worships and I mean fall-on-its-knees-and-swallows-a-load WORSHIPS authority; ThisLand bravely reported that Tulsa is tops for police misconduct. Indeed, our criminal Police have had to have the Federal government come in to monitor their crime, and of course the recent trials of dirt-bag cops who actually got caught drew further attention to how vicious and corrupt Trolltown still is.

So the point is ol’ Tate would be the toast of the town if he were around today, the absolute best thing since sliced bread for Trolltowners. He would be feted and defended by the media, lionized by every vicious racist from here to next year. Trolltowners would acquit him of each and every accusation if he were ever taken to court. That is just how things are done in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Alwas has been. Always will.


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