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Tulsa Police Detective on run from law after violent assualt, menacing with gun

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So is Detective Smith being sought, as the Tulsa World headlined it, or is he safely behind a desk snooping around the Police Department’s database? The KRMG blog helpfully points out the accused is actually on the job! ‘Sought’ as the World headlined it, sort of means that the subject is being looked for, like cannot be found. Apparently, he is still at work, ‘restricted assignment.’ Innocent until guilty, y’know.

Oh! And look, more details from the KOTV blog, which helpfully provides a picture of Detective Smith! Even the KJRH blog got into the pile-on with some bare-bones facts but a sharper pic than KOTV. BLOG23 just drops to its knees and sucks it for Smith, absolutely minimizing his conduct. Detestable.

Say, what caused James Sturdivant to stay up that tower for a week? He was ‘pepper-sprayed’ after being lured within shooting range of awful, awful abusive police. What is interesting is that Smith is a high-profile member of the TPD, and this incident happened in JULY! JULY and just now you are hearing about it. Seems like it is more than myself who has a problem with our piggish Police Department and their use of ‘pepper-spray.’

The Tulsa Police Department is the single greatest source of misery and corruption Tulsans have to put up with. Arrogant, snotty, condescending, dangerous turd buckets praying for 25 years to come and go. Tulsa has the worse civil servants in the nation, hands down worse than the NYDMV or LA DHS or whatever nightmare gubmint agency you can depict. Almost to a person the City of Tulsa is wretched, and the TPD is the worse.

Hopefully, Tulsa Police Department homicide detective Roger Smith will not get any closer to his 25 years following allegations he pepper-sprayed some poor woman who lived with him after she showed up to their pigpen in the car of another man. Innocent until proven guilty of course

The Tulsa World blog bravely, oh-so-bravely, reports that when the dude showed up with the uniformed bovine’s gal pal the freak cop PULLED HIS GUN ON THE DUDE! And these are misdemeanors! Like spitting on the sidewalk! Unless you do it to one of THEM pigs, then you are a full-fledged member of al Queda.

Some entity has filed charges, and an arrest warrant has been issued from somewhere. Doubt it is the County, because Tim Harris would rather see innocent Tulsans horribly abused by the pigs in blue than dare upset their wittle sensibiwities.

But, hey, Tulsa is the leader for police misconduct for a reason. Tim Harris. Getting rid of him – ballots not bullets, y’know – would be a start, but ‘Cheif’ Jordan, Dewey Bartlett, Municipal Judge Jerry Hofmeister, City Prosecutor David Shapiro, and of course Ossifer James Tornberg, yeah all them unemployed and waiting for Judgment Day languishing at a homeless shelter would be great.

I just hope that someone you know and love is viciously attacked by someone using his badge as an excuse to go off on you like I was. I sincerely hope that happens, and I hope that it happens real close to your home while you are just coming home from work. I hope that you are tortured, humiliated, and forced to pay this shithole money. The City needs that money to pay its thugs.


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