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City of Tulsa prevents Admiral Twin from Reopening

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How screwed up is the City of Tulsa? How anti-business is this craphole of stupidity called Tulsa? Broken beyond repair. Bad and getting worse and soon to be the absolute bottom of the pile.

Take the Admiral Twin drive-in, for example. The beloved parking lot with a twin screen had burned down a couple of years ago, and soon a great hue and cry was heard from Tulsans about its demise. Step in some funders, some award cash, and the good will of City residents, and everything looked like a go, right?

WRONG! As the KOTV blog reports, the new owners were hamstrung by the City, who put the kabash on the project because the City said the property was on a flood plain and presumably posed a risk to theater-goers. So even though the drive-in is in a residential neighborhood and is occupied a few hours a night, right off the MLK, and had been doing just fine for decades and decades, the City screwed everything up.

This is a cautionary tale for anyone wanting to move to Tulsa to start a business: Tulsa is a screwed-up mess that could care less about business, it is all about the paperwork and being slaves to bureauracy.

True story: last year I spoke with a couple of fellows from Michigan or Wisconsin who visited this awful place to scope out the possibilities of starting a small manufacturing company here. After meeting with someone from the Chamber of Commerce, the two were flabbergasted and laughing about the reception. First, they had a hassle trying to meet with their contact. Second, when they finally met with the Chamber rep, he just basically shoved a bunch of brochures in their hands. Their perception was that Tulsa was not serious about business and vowed not to start their business in Tulsa. 40-50 jobs at stake and some douchebag in the Chamber just pissed the opportunity away.

And if someone tries to call the Lilliputians on their bullshit, that person is demonized, like cranky old Jim Mautino was when he was trying to amend the hobbyist provisions for raising animals in the City.

The City of Tulsa is staffed by ignorant do-nothings who hate their jobs and hate anyone they have to serve. Mayor Bartlett is a miserable failure who is clueless and/or powerless to effect the kind of change necessary to save our City. Good. This craphole deserves the government it gets.


Written by thetulsan

September 8, 2011 at 9:22 am

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