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Richest-man-in-Tulsa George Kaiser (Family Foundation)’s solar company raided by FBI!

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When then-candidate Obama came to Trolltown during the 2008 campaign, he did not speak to an assembly at Greenwood, or the Teachers Union, or to the Ministerial Alliance. Nosirree, he went straight to the richest man in Oklahoma – George Kaiser.

Now, a company of which Kaiser is the largest shareholder (or, the George Kaiser Family Foundation), one Solyndra (founded in 2005) – has gone belly up. It was the recipient of a $535,000,000 loan guarantee by the United States Department of Energy, upon which receiving it promptly shut down one of its ‘aging’ production facilities. You seen any of those solar panels around Troll-Town? Nor I!

Here is the rich part: the manipulative KOTV blog reports this huge scandal as being ‘tied to Tulsa billionaire,’ as if George Kaiser were, oh, you know, just another dude! LMFAO!

Is it asking a lot to read intrigue into the sordid tale of a promising company’s sudden collapse, is that not soooooo Tulsan? Tulsa is rife with collapsed ponzi schemes of one kind or another, it is in the DNA of the land itself: CFS. Great Plains. Wiltel. Sem Group, just to name a few. And that a company producing alternative energy goes bust, with the principal shareholder being an oil man – well, what do YOU think happened?


Written by thetulsan

September 8, 2011 at 9:36 pm

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