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What is that gross, smokey, thick haze over Tulsa?

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Has someone opened the doors to the Riverside Division’s bathroom to the outside, or has some giant behometh dropped a big fat juicy ‘deuce’ in the Mingo Valley? Hard to tell, because Tulsa typically has gross-smelling and foul air!

Well, if our National Guard was not patrolling bum-fuck-Asscrackistan they may be able to smoke out the source: their own Camp Gruber is out-of-control on fire! 700 acres as of yesterday afternoon!

The thick nasty haze that normally floats over this wretched pit of corruption and wickedness has indeed been joined by an acrid, eye-stinging throat-burning miasmic fog that has now shrouded South Tulsa for the past two days. An inversion layer seems to keep the smoke to the Mingo Valley side of the City.

But grass fires are raging near Will Rogers’ home in Oolagah, and two were extinguished overnight near Sapulpa. Additionally, arsonists have been been torching vacant and direlect properties in north Tulsa, and some firebug torched two buildings near downtown over the weekend.

Let me be clear: the fires of Hell that Tulsa deserves should be metaphysical, NOT actual fires.


Written by thetulsan

September 13, 2011 at 8:35 am

Posted in UGH! Tulsa!

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