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TWA 800: Jack Cashill deconstructs John Kerry’s 9/11 offensive vs Gore

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Page2-linked investigative journalist Jack Cashill continues to dog Kerry’s deliberate and repeated statements indicating that TWA 800‘s 230 precious souls were the victims of terrorism.

Indisputably, as a member of the wicked US Senate Intelligence Committee, Kerry would be in the innermost circle of information, ‘eyes-only’ stuff. By repeatedly connecting TWA 800, Kerry was connecting Al Gore to 9/11, see? No? Think: 2004 primary. If one has to ask why that would hurt Gore, then you really need things broken down for you, and that is what Cashill does…to a certain degree.

In this recap on the issue, note that Katie Couric refers to TWA 800 as a bombing, while George Stuffaluppalis [sic] specifically mentions the TWA 800 event as a bombing – necessitating a conclave in the fabled underground bunker at the White House.

For your consideration:

Of course, John Kerry says a lot of wild and weird-ass things! Below, he says WTC 7 was brought down by a ‘controlled process’! Why will Cashill not even bat an eye on the 9/11 issue? Especially when the Senator is directly confirming a central thesis of the Truth movement: that controlled demolitions brought down a portion or all of the buildings in the WTC complex. Why no microscopic analysis of the hidden things that occurred during the Planes Operation? Why indeed?

My belief is that Cashill is beholden to the Military Industrial Complex, his role being to blame the Left for being soft on defense or terrorism. In short, he is carrying water – wittingly or not – for the war-mongering neo-con wing of the political spectrum. Cashill writes for Joseph Farah’s WorldNetDaily, a powerhouse of inside-the-beltway-conservatives. That is fine, but the ommission of ‘9/11’-related investigative journalism is noteable, to the degree that one can only assume that Farah’s operation is compromised.

Mr. Cashill, will you please address WTC 7 and why Kerry would have made these remarks?

I do know that – that wall I remember – was in danger and I think they made the decision based on the danger it had of destroying other things that they did it in a controlled fashion.

Watch his body language! Using hand gestures as an attempt to mesmerize!


Written by thetulsan

September 16, 2011 at 8:37 am

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