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An Apology goes a long Way

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So all you haters who think that is some revenge blog, or a rant about stupid crap that just pisses me off, and that I take to the innerwebs just to get even. That is not true. So many petty, mean-spirited and vicious things have happened that never ever get mentioned here. I truly take a live-and-let-live approach to life.

Something you idiot Tulsans never heard about was the hell a certain McMansion builder put my family and I through. It was so bad that if we had not stood up for our rights it would have cost about $15K to remediate the damages he wanted to inflict on us. Lots and lots of revenge fantasies. Did I take to the web to decry the man and what was happening? No. Live and let live. We got out of shitty Brookside and the issue just went away. Filed but effectively forgotten.

So four years later we bump into each other, and first words out of his mouth was ‘I am so sorry about what I put you through.’ He knew what he did, and felt bad. Good for him. I graciously accepted the apology. Moving on.

Now, when Officer James Tornberg falsely arrests me, feloniously assaults me, tortures me with handcuffs, and then I am forced to pay this shit hole of a town money because scumbag Municipal Judge Jerry Hoffmeister wants to curry favor with our bastard Police, well, then we gots problems. When City Prosecutor David Shapiro attacks me in court, calling me a liar for stating that that pig Tornberg tore my shirt off (when he only partially ripped it off my body before slamming me to the ground and pepper spraying my eye, then leaving handcuffs on my wrists so tight and so long I still have scars) then we gots problems.

And that piece of shit dumb-ass Mayor wants an apology from former Councilor Eagleton for trying to oust his lousy carcass! The Mayor knows that an apology goes a long way, I wonder if he is man enough to give as much as he cries and whines for apologies? If I apologized for this paragraph would the Mayor have the grace to accept? If the City apologized, would I have the grace to accept? We will never know.

Unfortunately, there are some things apologies cannot fix, and justice will not be done or my anger assuaged by any amount of sincere, soulful apologies. Tornberg, Shapiro, and Hoffmeister need to be dismissed and shunned. They are wicked people responsible for a horrible injustice, and I hope they rot in hell. These three are hard-core, savage tyrants who depend on their dark, wicked deeds staying in the shadows. Their actions betray their fidelity to the Constitution they all swear to obey, they are absolute and utter enemies of mankind.

Of course, apologies go a long way…


Written by thetulsan

September 21, 2011 at 12:37 pm

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