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Unending corruption in Tulsa: Lassek bravely reveals Mayor Bartlett Chief of Staff Slimonson shennanigans to get son into TFD

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Sure, when the truth or circumstances suits it, the Tulsa World blog will tell the rest of the world about individual instances of corruption in this shitfest known as the City of Tulsa, but only when it does not touch one of Bobby’s friends (that would be Bobby Lorton, who inherited the World from his pop).

So that no-good, mealy-mouthed Chief of Staff Terry Simonson’s son was unable to get into a TFD recruit class, and had his daddy call the Chief for a favor? Really? That is the scandal du jour? Really? They like to chew on small bones over at the World, huh? Click the link above to read the World’s blog entry (careful, only ten free clicks a month!), or consider their reporting as reported here.

When Chief of Staff Simonson’s son was unable to secure a spot via some dorky phone-in system, the elder put pressure on TFD Chief LaCroix to squeeze the younger into the new class, which he promptly tried to do before being caught by a human resources drone, Lori Hannon. She emailed…

“I will make a spot for him at your direction, but want it on record that I don’t think it’s appropriate,” Hannon wrote. “Plenty of people tried to get in yesterday and didn’t and I don’t think it’s right to add him simply because he’s Terry’s son.”

Simonson is so cock-sure of his impermeability he even broke into the training facilities Sept. 4 for a wittle unauthorized practice with Jr. The TFD had made it clear as crystal that the training facility was closed to further training before the two made their trek to the facility, so their unexpected foray to the facilities caused a security scare! Too bad the shit was not beat out of them and they were charged to the fullest extent of the law. That is what would have happened to anyone else.

Punks. All of them. Simonson is a disgrace and should be forced to resign. Too bad he was not working as hard at cleaning up corruption as he was getting his son on the big, bad gubmints teets to suck off the rest of his life!

This has zero to do with abuse of power because I have enough firsthand information on this to fill a whole edition of the World. This has everything to do with their pusch to install a City Manager. Having a City Manager will help the very politically powerful in this crummy little cesspool triangulate and manipulate the political process.

I am warning you Outsiders again: the City of Tulsa is 100% dominated by croney capitalists, good-old-boys who will do anything to swindle Tulsans. This is a failed Administration, total criminals all the way through. Good. Tulsans deserve the government they get.


Written by thetulsan

September 23, 2011 at 9:57 am

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