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‘Credible threats’ of gang violence mar Tulsa State Fair fun: The Rise of Anti-Social Media

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Do you remember former City Councilor Joe Williams? No? Well he has one of those ‘Facebook’ accounts, and he let off a torrent of postings following the death of a young ‘mentee’ of his. The grieving, upset former pol is warning of an escalating cycle of violence following a gang-related shootout last night in his neighborhood (‘hood’).

My young Bro has died now and I ain’t happy and don’t like it! Why it gotta be this way? Is this what we about now? I don’t like or condone it but the youths I met with tonight said all hell is breaking loose now. Keep your people and children off the streets. This next two weeks will be brutal. I thank the young Bros for sending my youngest son home. He had nothing to do with this but I appreciate you getting him off the streets tonight and JoJo will will never forget it for my son!

Mess tonight young Bros said to stay in your house this will be escalating so keep your children and family at home! Getting ready to be very very violent now!

Is Joe a material witness if something goes down? Should he be compelled to name names or is he just going to spout off on some social media site this information? Does posting this harm his street cred by being a much-dreaded ‘snitch’? Careful, Joe!

And consider this utterance from @Im_Meechii_hoe on the Twitterspheres:

Anti-social Media!

Again, you Outsiders: Tulsa is not Mayberry or Bedford Falls, it is a rapidly deteriorating mid-sized city that is really not worth your life or money visiting! If you want to go to the Fair and a shitstorm of riots and what not break out, consider yourself warned…


Written by thetulsan

September 29, 2011 at 10:12 am

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