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No more Mr. Nice Guy: Tulsa Mayor Douchebag reveals total douchiness with response to COS resignation

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Tulsa Mayor Dewey Bartlett asks ‘Why don’t we be nice?’ following the resignation of disgraced long-time Republican operative Terry Simonson. This follows another question he asked after Councilor Eagleton’s attempt to have the OK AG force Bartloser’s resignation, in that instance Douchy asked ‘Where is my apology?’

Born-with-a-silver-spoon-in-his-mouth, Bartlett’s questions must be rhetorical, with myself the only person apparently willing and able to answer them.

The reason there is no more Mr. Nice Guy is because people are sick and tired of being played for suckers by ‘officials’ who fight and kick for the opportunity to get into power just to use it to further croney capitalism and nepotism. All those platitudes and work for the GOP was nothing but calculated shams, ruses, by Simonson to enact political revenge and get some personal gain.

The Council should not play nice because these men – Douchey and Slime-and-sum – were responsible for hundreds of police to be laid off; now, it is my opinion that fewer police is great, but the mishandling of the affair was shameful and pathetic. If you believe the lie that more cops make us more safer, then this crew put allllll of us at grave risk (because the FOP would not take smaller pay raises and the young guns were sent a-packin’).

The Council should not play nice because this Administration is more worried about firefighters campaigning then bringing new jobs to Tulsa. In fact, the list of companies closing or leaving just grows and grows and these boobs – both in the Administration and in the Chamber – are helpless to do anything about it or just do not give a damn. Douchey & Co. should not be played nicely with because they were actively recruiting Tulsans to sue the fugging Council!

Get along to go along? No! There is no more ‘nice’ in this City! That spirit has left the temple!

Playing nice is not an option when this Mayor – who is supposed to be a business genius – needed a study to demonstrate the City had 200 more cars than it needed. Genius! And how does Fartlett define doing business, trading votes for favors with select Councilmen! A croney capitalist!

Long-term readers of TheTulsan know that we played a major role in deposing former Mayor Bill MisFortune. In fact, on election night, Bryan Gann of KFAQ even broadcast ‘Those of you who encouraged the independent vote definitely had an impact.’ This led to disgraced talk-show host Michael DelGiorno to immediately call in and dispute that notion. Who lead the independent charge? Who? Yeah, that is right. I did.

So will the campaign catch on? Will the Dems nominate such a loser that the GOP base swallows its pride and votes for His Douchiness?

But most of all we should not play nice because tyranny, abuse of power, and corruption cannot be pussy-footed with. It needs to be eradicated in the voting booth and the courts and in the streets. Simonson, Bartlett, the whole crew should be ashamed to show their faces in public for all their crimes and misdeeds.

Now you want to play nice? Now you want an apology? Where is my apology? Where was your nice when I was falsely ticketed, falsely arrested, abused, tortured, and forced to pay this pit of corruption a fine?

There is no more Mr. Nice Guy.


Written by thetulsan

September 30, 2011 at 8:43 am

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