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KTUL blog: ‘Owasso bond issue gets ugly’

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The bloggers over at KTUL are hot on the case of a sexxxy bond issue in Owasso, that has lead to one employee being suspended and hundreds of YAY/NAY signs disappearing.

The Yaysayers call this a quality of life issue, with parks and youth sports and roads all being used as bait for ‘yays.’ Of course, all three of these issues SHOULD be addressed by the previously passed Vision 2025 tax, but are bonds different animals? Hard to say, but the bulk of Vision 2025 moneys are probably going to that swirling pit of debt called the Arena.

You Naysayers up there ought to address that issue. How long are the other Cities in the County going to pay for the City of Tulsa’s improvements? How many V.2025 lofts are you all going to pay for before you start seeing any of that cash?

We doubt that 500 LEGALLY-PLACED signs have been yanked out of people’s yards, and suspect that the few that were are ‘false flag’ removals. Either way, would be nice to know what the content of the surly employee’s email was. Let us be happy that this is what democracy looks like.


Written by thetulsan

October 3, 2011 at 11:38 am

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