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Flashmob the Dallas Reserve: The Real Revolution: End the Federal Reserve Experiment of 1913

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Are you going to flash-mob the Federal Reserve in Dallas this weekend? Thousands and thousands of protesters are going to raise the stakes on the #occupy movement with what they believe is the ultimate cause of our financial calamity: the passage of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

The importance of this is that while the majority of #occupiers agree that the Federal Reserve system is PART of the evil destroying our country, the @occupy momentum will be as easily co-opted by the Establishment Left as the Ron Paul Tea Party movement was co-opted by the Establishment Right. The agenda of financial freedom and an end to economic slavery is being supplanted by the agenda of hard-core dehumanizing Communism; the practical, can-do act of repealing the Federal Reserve Act is NOT being reported, but the wild-eyed pronouncements of protesters calling for an end to private property and establishment of dictatorial fascist communism are being reported.

The net effect then would be for the #occupiers to drift to the Establishment Left as much as the so-called Tea Party drifted right back into the arms of the Establishment Right. Calls for Maoism or a reformed Trotskyism will fade away and instead be impassioned pleas for the Buffet Rule or the Jobs Act or the re-election of the President. See how the KJRH blog easily combines calls to save Postal Center jobs and American Airlines jobs with the @occupy ‘movement.’ Of course, the USPS is by definition a fascist socialist (government) gig, and the American Airlines employees would love to join them on the Federal dole, but what does any of that have to do with revisiting ‘Glass Steagall’ or prosecuting Goldman Sachs management?

So Alex Jones is taking to the Dallas Federal Reserve again Friday, with Saturday and Sunday stops in Houston and San Antonio. Here is Alex calling the masses to action:


Written by thetulsan

October 6, 2011 at 9:48 pm

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