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Owasso Bond Issue: Mis-Characterized by Douchey Drunk Development Director?

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So three days after the KTUL blog runs an aside on the issue and this blog makes a note of it the Tulsa World blog gets on the story.

Character-infused Karl Fritschen had been drinking beers and watching the OU/Florida game when he just could not stand the Owasso Taxpayer’s Alliance’s meddling one moment longer! So the drunken turdball gets on his brother-in-law’s computer and sends a nastygram to them, in which he calls them ‘turds’ and warns them to ‘watch your backsides.’ By the time this story was even news he was already back at work! The surly sodden civil-servant even had the balls to talk about the Alliance leader’s wife! BONUS: HE IS OWASSO’S COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR!

But look at how the KRMG blog lets him pull the Breast Cancer Card! No mention of the beers! Even funnier, the idea of him typing angry emails he never intends on sending is pretty weird in and of itself, no? Everyone else just gets into anonymous flameout wars on comment boards – so get with it, Karl! At least they partially reported what really happened, the FOX23 blog did not even mention the Karl Frischen affair!

Tulsans: your local media act as an information cartel, a syndicate, that works in conjunction with your local fascist government to deliver what it calls news. But each and every one of those sources are unwilling and unable to report objectively, lest they get out of sorts with their sources in the government. They may seem congenial and friendly but they are hard, cold-blooded assassins of the truth who would lie to you as easily as any sociopath would.

Owasso prides itself as a ‘City of Character,’ with this month’s trait being ‘thoroughness.’ PHEW! Good thing this month’s magic word was not ‘accountability’ or ‘service” or old Karl Fritschen may be out of a job! What a farce and charade Owasso is! That group has as much character as a strip mall or tract housing! Hey, why do you all not call yourselves the City of Pre-fab? Ha ha ha! JK!

This illustrates the problem with municipal employees and businesses that contract with government: they all look at YOUR money as THEIR money, and any resistance to any initiative as war on them personally. THEY do not work for YOU, slave, YOU work for THEM! Get it, meatbags? YOU work for Them!

So even as Four to Fix the County and Vision 2025 are sapping energy from our struggling County, even as it looks like the anchor for the Tulsa region’s economic health (American Airlines) may be going bankrupt, Owasso wants to squeeze just a little bit more from their beleaguered residents.

And look at the phoney, pretend, ‘opposition,’ they do not object to the extra spending or the make-work projects of questionable worth. No, they object to the FUNDING only! This is the same old tired bullcrap that so-called conservatives always lay on, the idea that INFRASTRUCTURE spending is good spending, because we are not just doling out cash to poor people. As long as you are doling out cash to their country-club buddies who will get the contracts they will not object at all!

Owasso: City of Bad Character! Congratulations!


Written by thetulsan

October 6, 2011 at 9:05 am

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