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So sorry! #Occupied glom-on effort fails! MOC to relocate!

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Gosh! That is all I can say! American Airlines has done exactly what they have been warning their Maintennance Operations Center employees for years they would do: relocate their operations to Dallas! Good for you! Good thing you are in Tulsa! You will have NO TROUBLE selling your homes: I heard that straight from the Greater Tulsa Realtors Association!

Do not be mad at me now, you MOC employees! I fly American as often as I can. Where are your community leaders or elected officials or media hand-wringers flying to? They flying American? No? If these people or your fellow ‘Tulsans’ gave a rat’s ass about you or your travails there would be some kind of effort to spend a little bit more at times and fly American. But they do not, they want all the benefits without the effort to do a damn thing about it. Oklahoma is a screwed up mess and you are paying the price, the next wave in the inevitable suck of the Texas economy.

And just now you – MOC employees – want your neighbors to react? Kind of late, now, is it not? Just now you want to raise a faux street protest to keep you from going to a far, far better place? Too late! Now that AA has announced the move, and the slow bleed of jobs continues to drain to Texas, will anything be done? No!

Enjoy the Big D! The rest of you AA employees take note: Good thing you are in Tulsa!


Written by thetulsan

October 12, 2011 at 5:53 pm

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