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TulsaWorld Blog admits: downtown hellish asphalt, concrete wasteland

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Ever notice how wonderful downtown is described when the Urbophiles want to encourage people (read ‘young people’) to go to any of the drunk magnets downtown it is always typified as having parks and fountains and what not? Downtown may as well be fugging Disneyland when They want you to work, play, and live in that dump. Well, when the World blog wants to portray the @occupytulsa group as gritty street people downtown turns into its true, disgusting self: asphalt and pavement!

To compound the deception, the World blog emphasizes the national angle, because so few of their followers feel like fecklessly marching around shouting at empty buildings and deserted streets! What a joke and fraud the political scene is in Tulsa! What a joke the World is! Funnier still, it is exactly what you mind-controlled drones in this shitty backwater deserve!


Written by thetulsan

October 17, 2011 at 11:26 am

Posted in dprogamming, UGH! Tulsa!

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