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City does not owe Bank of George Kaiser $7.1 Million

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The Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled last week that the City of Tulsa does not own George Kaiser’s bank the millions the Bank is trying to squeeze from City Tulsans via the Tulsa Airport Authority. In fact, the richest man in Oklahoma’s bank owes the City $7.1 million!

Sounds great, right? Not so fast! In retaliation, George Kaiser is directing his bank to file a claim against the City for the $7.1 PLUS $5M in interest!

But Mr. Kaiser is such a good corporate citizen! He has done soooooo much for Tulsa! How much do we owe this banking sheister with all the bonds and loans we are paying him and his – arguably criminal IMO – enterprise?

Hey @occupytulsa, when are you fraudsters going to occupy a spot near any of the many, many branches or venues that sport this Enemy of The People’s logos? Hey you feckless freaks, how about some covering up of the Bank O’Kriminal’s logo on the City of Tulsa Civic Arena?


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