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Wicked City Attorney wants to give Tulsa Police more power to harass, annoy and extort Tulsans

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City Attorney Bob Garner is proposing new powers for the worst police department in the nation – that would be your piggish Tulsa police – to harrass, annoy, and extort their salaries from Tulsa motorists. The evil prosecutor – who should be condemmed to eternal punishment and temporal scorn – wants to strengthen ‘inattentive driving’ enforcement to make it easier to target texting drivers.

No one doubts that texting and driving is dangerous, but after being cited for ‘inattentive driving’ falsely – just to have that charge changed by Municipal Judge Gerald ‘Jerry’ Hoffmeister – I can swear and atest that this will open the door to further abuses by our wicked, wicked abusive police.

Ask that enemy of humanity Garner why we need to expand police power over the citizens. Have there been more accidents than normal? Are the corrupt and detestable Fraternal order of Police (Fat Old Pigs) demanding this? Is this changing something that is already on the books or clarifying when it is appropriate to make that accusation? What is the template for the change Garner proposes?

These questions will never ever be answered because no one will ask them. This encroachment on your worthless 4th Amendment will just slide on by and you poor, mind-controlled drones will just go on drinking the koolaid the KOTV, KJRH, KTUL, FOX23 and Tulsa World blogs keep giving you. Wake up! Wake up!!

We need to terminate Mr. Garner immediately (from his taxpayer-funded job). He is a parasite, a vampire, a wicked person collaborating in the denial of rights and abuse of power exercised by the Tulsa Police Department. As with his boot-licking subordinate David Shapiro – Garner is a stain on the robes of justice, a swollen tick feeding on the poor and powerless, a puss-filled orifice of deception, and enemy of liberty and the Constitution. Like his co-horts with the City, he deserves hellfire and damnation in the afterlife, and scorn and ridicule in this life.

You Tulsans deserve what you get! His suggestion is sputem from the throat of hell, and you will pay dearly for your apathy and grovelling. I have my ‘street cred,’ I know what total meat bags and scum the Tulsa Police really think you are, I have seen with my own eyes the total worthlessness Tulsans have in the eyes of your ‘protectors,’ and it is hellish.

Please Almighty, open their eyes! Eternal and Beneficient Father God deliver your people or destroy them utterly as you did your chosen Israel! Save their souls from the lukewarm vomit of complacency and lead them to the America you designed through our forefathers!

That, or cast this lazy apathetic and wicked generation into the fire. Amen.


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  1. Hello, My Name Is Yelena, And I KNow “First Hand” What That article Is Talking About. I Wish I would Have A Way To Contact The One Who wrote it,Seriously.Dirty tulsa’s Police Have Definitely Earned “The Names,The Criticism, Wish To Stop Them At All Ways Possible,Wish To Disbandon Them As Soon As Possible!” I Have Been Calling For Their Resignation-Dirty Chief Police’s Resignation For More Than 3 Times Through Filing IN The Court,Fighting That Department For 4 1/.2 Years.
    They Have To be Disbandoned!
    I Have Said To The Mayor That he Needs To Resign And Take Them With Him.
    They All Dirty As Dirt Can Be.
    My Requests To Some Blind Pastor With cancer Were Also Unanswered.So, Tulsa’s Police Is Like Him Along With City’s Attorneys And Judges.

    Yelena Buyalova

    November 17, 2015 at 7:18 pm

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