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A personal note to whoever is researching my false prosecution…ALLAH AKHBAR

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That Tulsa Police Officers James Tornberg and Burgess, and Ron Conway of Storey Wreckers and are not search terms are troubling. Tornberg is a monster, an abusive, sick monster who preys on the weak and is empowered by Garner, Shapiro, and Hoffmeister. But even then he is protected by his Sgt. and his Captain and all his other pigs in blue who know what a monster he is and just let him get away with his wickedness.

These pigs, these enemies of goodness would love nothing more than the same right as that South Vietnamese soldier to just roll up and shoot point blank into the heads of whoever they are upset with. Not threatened by. Not guilty. Just upset with. We have fostered an abusive, murderous force that is biting at the bit to get busy with crushing all opposition.

My testimony has not changed one iota, and the evidence bears witness that I was a victim of an illegal order, a false arrest, tortured, maltreated, and falsely prosecuted following ample perjury by hostile witnesses by a lone judge who is used to operating in shadows. You ignorant Tulsans have no idea what human trash you are perceived as by the Tulsa Police Department, but I am here to bear witness that you have no rights, no worth, and no humanity by those absolute pigs. I have seen their ways from the inside and you have no idea how evil they are.

YOU, dear Reader, have been warned. If you do not purge these individuals and prosecute them as far as they can be prosecuted, well then I sincerely pray to Almighty God that you or yours are visited by similar evils as was perpetrated to me. Inshala. God willing. Upon the Altar of God that is my wish and prayer. Ten fold and then some. They are evil to the core and deserve to be disbarred, fired, and prosecuted in this life. Absolute and utter enemies of humanity, and if you do nothing to stop them you are empowering them to destroy more lives and I hope that they destroy yours instead of some person who has not been warned. I hope your face gets smashed in and ground into the pavement before you disappear into that freakshow Sheriff Glanz – another enemy of humanity – has down at the David L. Moss Injustice Center.

The issue is that with all my resources and support this incident has changed me and scarred me for life. I am not the same person after the vicious attack as I was before. And I have warriors of God praying for me, friends that stand beside me, a great family background and job that give me meaning and support, and I am still wounded to the deepest part of my soul by what happened. So what about all those people without the incredible level of support who are abused and crushed beneath the system over petty arrests (the monster Tornberg is 6th overall for arrests for the piggish TPD – mostly done while he was not protecting North Tulsans from Division North)?

These pigs (the TPD, City Prosecutor, and Muni Courts) are used to just rolling over people who have no voice, no support, or resources. I suspect that the anti-snitch culture, the hostility toward our piggish police, and the appeal of the dark side of the Dark Side becomes much more profound following the anti-humanizing treatment by pigs like Tornberg, Burgess, their comrades, and Shapiro, Garner, and Hoffmeister. What kind of messages do you think a young couple would communicate to their children should something like my experience happen to them? Do you think they tell their kids ‘Police are here to help’ or ‘Those are the good guys’ or ‘always trust the police’?

Bullshit. They will hate the police and hate the system and do everything they can to stay on that side of it, a sentiment I agree with and will do everything in my human power to communicate.

Allah Akhbar. God is greater. That is the message I hope they send. I hope they instill in their children the certainty that they live in the shell of a great nation, now occupied by criminal fascist uncivil servants bankrolled by their own taxes. I pray that the children of the ‘criminals’ are radicalized by the time they know how to speak to oppose our criminal government – and not brainwashed by the deviant diversions of pop culture.


2 Responses

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  1. My Name Is Yelena Goforth And I Know”First Hand” What That Person Is Talking About. I HAve Been HArassed In Arkansas, Endlessly, Was Arrested ON False Accusations through Psychotic Ex Sister In LAw, Her Out of Wedlock Daughter, And Some Mexican Artiga Who Lied About Me And I Was Arrested Even There Were No Proof Of Any Crime!!! It Was Repeated, I Wrote To Governor, Attorney General, White HOuse, I STILL FIGHT All The DIRty ONes, LIke Helder, Who Is SHEriff There, THE…it Is Like With MY Childless Pub Defender Who Nearly Fell TO Death, TOLLESON…She Was Not Helping Me, She “Was Following Prosecutor’s Wishes…” Same With SHAPIRo, I BELIEVE, And Hoffmeyster, As I MET THEM, AS I MET NEARLY ALL GILCREASE DEPt Of PD, ANd SO MANy Of Them ARe BAD, TRULY BAD…EXCEPT FOR MR. MUSE… I DID Not EVEN REALIZE “WHAT I WILL GO THROUGH WHEN MOVING TO TULSA, AS I Moved To Tulsa, Hoping That Native-American Land Will Give Me Somewhat Shelter,But Am Harased BY TULSA PD ALOng With Their “Informers” Testermann’s, And Other Neighbors Who”Ganged Against me,” it Is LIke Four Households, they poked tires on my cars, broke front and back gates, shot tow holes from bbgun at front panel of my house, and i just now, 8 month later!!! as police did not tell me!!! learning ALL OF THAT!!! it is dispicable!!! They Do Not WANT TO INVESTIGATE, ANd TESTERYi Do “What They WAnt,” Even HAve TO Be IMPRISONED FOR THE LONGEST TIME!!!

    Yelena Goforth

    October 23, 2012 at 7:59 pm

  2. I currently face a very similar situation, well more acurately now is situations, ya know, for good measure. So what did you do to attempt a prosecution, or retribution.. what are our options?

    Sarah Peeles

    January 25, 2014 at 9:44 am

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