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RELOCATE TO TULSA? Arson Suspect with car full of Molotov Cocktails not charged for threats!

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More reasons NOT to relocate to the City of Tulsa but to one of its many, many fine alternatives: we have the worst police department in the nation and the worst leadership in the nation.

ANYTHING, anything the authorities tell you about ‘See something, say something’ is absolute and utter bullshit. When our local piggish police tell you they are doing anything to keep you safe – more tickets, more laws – it is utter and complete bullshit.

Tulsa has at least one serial arsonist that has been striking lately, torching empty homes seemingly at will. So when a man in his fifties drove up to the wicked Riverside Division’s HQ on Riverside with at least six Molotov cocktails (containers with gasoline) strung up in some Wil E. Coyote fashion, telling our doltish uncivil servants that he wants to burn down Tulsa, he should be charged with something, right?

WRONG! He was not arrested or charged with one damn thing! Not a thing! Not for making terrorist threats, not for manufacturing a device of mass destruction, not for improper fuel storage, nothing. NOTHING! Now if he had been texting and driving he would have at least a ticket. If he had pulled up to a traffic accident and taken a picture he would have been arrested. And if he ‘obstructed’ (read: ‘irritated’) one of the demons in blue as that pig ass-raped a citizen he would have been taken down and hard! But just threatening to commit arson with a car full of incendiary devices? NADA!

You Tulsans are ‘protected’ by one of the worst police departments in the nation, led by the least effective police chief in decades, marshaled by a clueless Chief Executive in DoucheBartlett, and utterly and completely egged on by uniform-worshipping idiots in the FOX23, KTUL, KOKI, KJRH, KRMG, KFAQ and Tulsa World blogs.

A word of warning to people wanting to do business or relocate to Tulsa: DO NOT DO IT. This town is rapidly and I mean on hot rails to Hell going down. You would do better moving anywhere else in Oklahoma than Tulsa.


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