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TULSA SUCKS: Tulsans for Better Government mailer a big-bucks scam! So who are these 3,000 Tulsans?

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Tulsa sucks in so many ways, but the single most suckiest way it sucks is how the well-connected insiders continue to manipulate the political system. These people are so wretched – y’know, them 1% – that Tulsa is the perfect playground for these Big Fish: unable to create a name for themselves elsewhere they compensate for their self-esteem issues by strutting around this cute-but-rapidly-deteriorating armpit of corruption as if they owned the place. They are so convinced that you mind-controlled drones are not paying attention they hope to permanently change and control City Government on Tuesday.

I wish I had the time to properly address how all of the options on the ballot are designed for those one-percenters to permanently create additional levels of politics and triangulation at the City level, with the goal of ramming through all kinds of policies and taxes and programs they know the regular zombified Tulsan would oppose.

That Tulsans for Professional Government is an astroturf organization without any popular support outside the innermost circles of power and influence in this crappy pit of corruption is so obvious it defies explanation: no website, no names associated with it, no other goal but this one issue: to have a City Manager.

In short, Bureaucrats in government are the absolute and utter enemy of the people – pure and simple. They exist to suck your wealth and produce from you – to put in their 25 years and ‘retire’ like the Commie Socialists they are. Those uncivil masters know they can outlast and outplay any elected ‘official.’ Creating a Super-Duper Bureaucrat who is unelected and unimpeachable is the last thing we need. The triangulation and game-playing between the Mayor and Council and professional would create a vacuum for the 1%’ers to control that one individual if they lose control of the Mayor and Council or both.

Oh! And you conservatives who ‘work’ for the people, who work in government! And you complain about Big Bad Obama! YOU. MAKE. ME. PUKE.

More on the TruTulsa podcast later.


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