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The Tulsan Speaks: Tulsa’s most irrelevant podcast #7

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What is worse than home-made porn? HOME MADE PODCASTS! Way, way worse!

Proof would be these awful, awful hour-long beer-sotted giggle-fests that ramble around like drunken pachyderms. TheTulsan spouts off on any number of issues in each episode, but in this episode I get kind of personal with my views of our piggish police, eviscerate Lori Fullbright’s detestable ‘story’ on the bereaved daughter of that poor lady whose mum was found in that pond, we talk about the earthquakes, Herman Cain, and just giggle like a couple of baboons.



Written by thetulsan

November 8, 2011 at 12:39 pm

Posted in dprogamming

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