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If Joe Paterno were from Tulsa…

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…not only would he be coaching today, but would be presented the Keys to Tulsa, given rewards, celebrated for his achievements, you name it. Cops would probably offer their own children for him to distribute, and our piggish police would volunteer to watch the molesters’ backs so the filthy cops could jerk off to the scene. And if the accusers were of color, hoooo boy that would be different! THEY would be charged with filing false police reports and absolutely beaten the shit out of down at the David L. Moss Injustice Center.

Say there was video and emails and hundreds of people sent that info to your local media, know what would happen? The reporters would report the whistleblowers to the abusers, turn over all the evidence and ask if they could offer their children for sacrifice to the God-like sports heros. Heck, the local media would run stories about how awful it was to accuse such divinities of such acts, and dig into the witnesses’ pasts and run hit stories on them!

In Tulsa we love our child abusers! Especially Tim Harris! Remember that worker over at John Knox day care who ass-raped a baby? She had broken a child’s arm when over at ‘The Kirk’! That wrestling coach who allegedly ass-raped a student at Cascia Hall earlier this year? NO CHARGES RELATED TO THE RAPE!

And just to underscore this point, how corrupt and pathetic and authority-worshipping these enemies of truth in drag as ‘reporters,’ consider that awful, awful, zombie blogger Lori Fullbright’s story from Friday about how our pigs in blue let a drunk driver return to her car after nearly killing a nice family.

Click-through the article but the headline says it all: ‘Tulsa Crash Victim Says . . .’ which puts nothing but doubt and subjectivity into the report, as if there was a dispute about the facts of the case when there is no doubt a drunk was not charged and allowed to drive again . . . within the hour! And Lori knows who that lousy cop’s Captain is, probably knows the individual officer, she could name that worthless vampire and shove a camera in his face but no no no do not shine the light of truth on him or her, Lori, they might be a source someday for a story!

So if Joe Paterno were from Tulsa, oh yeah, right now he would be supplying his posse with little screaming spinners, and they would all be surrounded by our District Attorney’s office, our piggish police, our media bloggers, and droves of uniform-worshipping hayseeds and effete TU grads applauding as the children scream….


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