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Schismatic? Anti-Semitic? Either way, the Tulsa Hills’ ‘Parade of Lies’ is a blasphemy brought to you by Satan himself

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The Tulsa Christmas Parade will be at the Tulsa Hills Shopping Center on 71st Street and Highway 75, Saturday, December 10, 2011 at 6 p.m.

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Another tough one on who to root for on this one, Tulsan. On one hand we have the pathetic Urbophiles from downtown who refuse to use the word ‘Christmas’ in their so-called Parade of Lights, and on the other hand we have hateful so-called ‘conservatives’ who are exploiting the blessed name of Jesus Christ, only begotten Son of the Father, to score political points.

You ‘outsiders’ should know that Tulsans are the most divisive, cliquish, tribal, and schismatic group of people in the particularly bitter tribal State – an Indian Nation actually – of Oklahoma. Tulsans are clubby and committed to their little groups more than any other people on the planet, so it is no surprise that a splinter group would form from this controversy. Tulsans will form a sub-committee at the drop of a hat, so this schism comes as no surprise to us – it actually validates our beliefs about what a joke Tulsa is and what rubes seek to run it. All we want – the 99% – is for some diversion to save us from the banality of living in this backwater for just a few minutes. Wayyyyyy tooooooooo much to ask.

First, have you seen this? Is this funny, blasphemous, Christian?

The kerfluffle started a few years ago, when it was publicized that the Annual Parade of Lights was not a ‘Christmas’ parade, in that lots of people have ancient rituals and holy Days that revolve around the Winter Solstice. The electric company was the chief sponsor for years, so the idea that it was a ‘Parade of Lights’ made sense. Well, someone noticed that the word ‘Christmas’ was not in the title and demanded it be included, to which the organizers declined, to which Senator Inhofe declined to appear with/on his trusty horse Trigger.

So comes David Arnett, self-publisher of the comically-named ‘Tulsa Today,’ to use the good Christian sensibilities of Tulsans as a means to further traffic to his website. A search of the website reveals 42 instances when the word ‘Jesus’ is mentioned, and 52 instances where the word ‘Christmas’ is used. Look for ‘Forgiveness’ (8), repentance (1), salvation (15). Point is Arnett’s exploitation of the Christmas Holiday is reflective of his political game-playing, and not to bring the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ to world-weary Tulsans. Fifteen years and that is how committed Arnett is to the Gospel, 42 mentions and many of those are when His name is used as a song title. In other words, Christ – that Jesus Christ of which ‘Christmas’ derives its name- has only now become important to him. He is no warrior for Christ – he is a self-obsessed weirdo who lives in his own weird little world. His stupid, unlistenable radio show got dumped from KRMG and now he is trying to patch things up with KFAQ to get on that unlistenable-already station.

This is a man whose bitter rivalry with this writer has lead him to viciously attack me numerous times in the past. He worked as some public-relations contractor with ‘Vision 2025′ – the horrible socialist monster that shat the City of Tulsa Civic Arena (Big Bob Dick Arena, or the Bank of Oklahoma Center) from pickin’ off County sales taxes. This fact – that he worked ‘for’ is a fact he asked me to withhold from publishing. Arnett has attacked my character and even vocation in the most wicked and snakelike manner – I am surprised and astonished that he has had such a remarkable transformation.

Ditto for KFAQ’s Eddie Huff, and the whole KFAQ crowd, for that matter: they are vicious, unkind and mean-spirited people to the core. I do not really know or care why they are such wicked people who hate independent conservatives, but they are no different than the evil Cox KRMG crowd, whose entire goal is to control the political process instead of facilitating political change. They go to the parties and special meet-n-greets and get visits and phone calls from political operatives and get money for supporting various candidates and causes, and those things are the source of their convictions. Absolute phoney game-playing traitors worthy of derision and nothing else. What absolute vile people, all of ’em, from Eddy on up.

These Tulsans are friendly enough, they will smile in your face with all the good old home-town friendliness of a country pastor, but they are cowardly, game-playing snakes who look at your sensibilities and cherished beliefs as just so much pocket change to extort by such thing as Christmas Parades and a brewing, wicked anti-Semitism, intolerance. The night of the long knives is every night for these scheming, insecure people. These are the people who want to sell you their ‘Christ.’ And do you see their flyer for the parade of lies? No dopey Santa-kneeling-before-Jesus there, folks! No stupid Precious Moment baby-faces in a cartoon creche! Nope! Just unbridled Santianity, the Church of Commercialism, the Sacrament of Sentimentalism. They will go to their churches and their civic clubs but they are just mean, mean people in a crummy little backwater.

So should we buy an entry in the Tulsa Hills Parade – via a 3rd party, and expose this fraud? No. I would rather go downtown, where the pretense of the event being sanctified magically by the word ‘Christmas’ is not part of the ethic. So are the people who go to the Tulsa Hills bad or stupid? No, they are just wanting a little respite from the horrors of this world, an opportunity to whistle past the graveyard and get some shopping done at the same time. Are the Urbophiles and their inclusive-yet-exclusive parade bad people? No, they are just wanting to generate some excitement in the middle of the long, dark, night of the soul.

Inhofe is politically right to ignore both of them, but he is the one who has set up the pieces for the conflict. Inhofe will fan the flames of schismatic separatism every chance he gets, because his form of triangulation has helped him survive politically for decades past when he should have been fired by the People. He knows that both are in the final analysis complete and utter bullshit, that his protestations of fidelity to the Gospel are bullshit, and that the whole KFAQ and agenda is bullshit. His own rhetoric then, is bullshit and Tulsans should be glad that his stupid pony will not be spreading its own shit on our streets this year.

Consider the words of Deitrich Boenhoffer, writing from a concentration camp:

‘From the Christian point of view, spending Christmas in a prison doesn’t pose any special problem. Most likely, a more meaningful and authentic Christmas is celebrated here by many people than in places where only the name of the feast remains.’

David Arnett and Eddie Huff can have their ‘Christmas’ parade, but all the evidence points to a dark, soulless place where only the name of the feast remains.

Having said that, Tulsa Hills is a great place for a parade…


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