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AMERICAN AIRLINES GOES BUST! Great News MOC Employees: Ya’ll Do Not Have to Move to Dallas!

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A special word to the underpaid, undertrained, virtually unemployable American Airlines Maintenance Operation Center employees sooooooo upset that they were being forced at gunpoint to move to Dallas: YOU MAY NOT HAVE TO, NOW! Is that not great? GOOD THING YOU ARE IN TULSA!

Hey lookit! Lotsa cheap activities in ol’ T-Town! You can go to the BOK for a conc….oh, no you cannot. Go shopping for some of them Chinese-labor-made goods at Wa….oh, no you cannot. Go skating at Winterfe…nope, sorry! Will you even be able to afford the gas to make it to the River for a walk as the spandex-wearing yuppies go flitting by? Probably not. Welcome to Your New Tulsa! Austerity is not the exception in the New Amerikkka, it is the rule! Your plight is not unusual, it is routine! And if you want to leave this fake-nice bullshit-friendly pit, chances are you will not be able to afford the tolls! TRAPPED! GOOD THINGS!

Your State, County, and Cities absolutely 110% failed you! Your politicians who refused to even fly your airline, your neighbors who cared more about Bill Shatner’s than your families, they allllll just let you hang on to this shithole of corruption and banality! Now you HAVE TO STAY HERE! Ugh! I called for a ‘Fly America’ Campaign and did any of your patronizing Chamber-parroting heads in the media do one damn thing? No! You assholes just came up with a stupid plastic sign campaign and went solo. NO. ONE. CARES. ABOUT YOU. YOUR KIDS. YOUR WELL-BEING.

No one but me and I tried to rouse you all out of your slumber, but to avail. You waking up, now?

Remember, GOOD THING YOU ARE IN TULSA! Great job opportunities, low price of living, stable home prices! Hope you like it alllll because NOW you are trapped! Good luck escaping! Let us see how the Bank of Oklahoma treats your mortgages, how many months the utility companies will give you a break! That Harley you love and the extra cars and the boats? The lenders will just wave a hand and let you keep them! But at least you are not one of them ‘wicked’ ‘welfare queens,’ or when the County Tax Assessor asks for payment on the inflated price of your pre-fab piece of shit home you might get kicked right out! GOOD THING YOU ARE IN TULSA!

Good luck, American. I did all I could.

Here is some more for you, something to bring a smile to your face.


Written by thetulsan

November 29, 2011 at 7:54 am

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