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Tyrant Judge revails disdain for law, Tulsans, justice system

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How hard-core criminal is our so-called ‘justice’ system? How rigged is it, how wicked and corrupt are those who wear black robes and swear fealty to our Constitution and Republic? How long will we tolerate the stiff boot of tyranny on our necks, pinning good people down while the evil are free to rape and pillage under the color of law?

Before answering, consider the words of the unidentified judge as reported by the KOTV blog upon sentencing the criminal cops:

Do you understand how corrupt and wicked that statement is? How much disdain the ‘judge’ has for law and order and the system he is a God in? Absolute and utter disdain. These black robed monsters would love nothing better than to have kangaroo courts operating without scrutiny and recourse, and this judge needs to be removed and humiliated. What an evil, wicked thing to say!

I know first hand how judge-only trials work, and so does this piece of excrement in drag as justice. And if you are one of too-many uniform-worshipping collaborators, know this: the system is ready to chew you up and spit you out faster than Jesus Christ will spew the lukewarm vomit from His mouth when He returns. So if the judge is right, a terrible injustice has been committed and he is more than happy to go along to get along.

There are no bad apples. There are no exceptions. There is only our criminal government destroying lives and pillaging assisted by union thugs operating under the color of law, more than ready to round up the innocent and ship them away to black holes forever. Sad thing is, your families are next.


Written by thetulsan

December 7, 2011 at 10:43 am

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