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Tulsans' Original Revolutionary Website! + Occupy Tulsa = Candlelight Vigil at David L. Moss Injustice Center

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A candlelight vigil will be held at the David L. Moss Injustice Center Thursday night at 7pm. This action is an effort to raise awareness of the prison nation America has become, and specifically to protest the multiple-year detention of Terrico Bethel. Bethel has been languishing in jail without trial by District Attorney Tim Harris for the murder-for-hire killing of TU Hall-of-Famer Neal Sweeney. Pressure is growing on Harris to bring Bethel and his alleged co-conspirators to trial, and Bethel’s supporters and family believe he has been falsely fingered by the real killers and is being held based on hearsay only.

Candles will be made available for protesters, as will a petition to the Oklahoma Bar Association to investigate Harris’ inaction on the Bethel case.

We are not a nation based on the notion that people can be held forever without being tried – the whole notion of a timely trial is key to American injustice. But Harris hates the Constitution, hates freedom, hates goodness and truth and justice, and deserves to be cleaning toilets in a prison, not holding the power to send people to prison.

Harris is just one of many criminals who needs to be held accountable. There may be other fish, but let us start with him. Tulsans are prisoners in the grip of hard-core criminals who despise you, hate your freedoms, blame you for every bad thing that happens, they think you are meat bags to be squeezed for fines to pay their salaries, and have total and absolute disdain for you. It is time you stood up to the bullies, and the evidence shows that Harris believes he has indefinite power just to hold this trial up as long as he can to appease the grieving family and lacks any real evidence.

The facts are murky, and a good man is dead for no good reason, but I wonder if this is how Neal would have wanted it: some random kid held like he is in Gitmo forever. Mr. Sweeney was by all accounts a can-do, git-r-done kind of man, no? Does anyone think he would want this? Is this what his family wants? I know a bunch of people who want Terrico Bethel home, and are not just going to sit down and shut up about it.


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