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Obscure group congratulates Gaytan murderer, Berryhill robbers

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What does the December 21st robbery of John’s Berrhill Food Market
and the gruesome assassination of Peggy Lee Gaytan [alt spelling ‘Gayton’] at the 36th and SOUTH Harvard Shell station have in common?

According to the National Black Foot Soldier Network blog, both were committed by ‘soldiers’ dedicated to the Black Reparations movement. In a despicable post published Christmas Day, the blog reports:

(BREAKING) BOW REPARATIONS, TULSA ACTIVISTS ON FIRE! Poor White Trash Reparations Offender Peggy Lee Gaytan DOWN in Series of DARING Holiday Season Reparations Protests; Activists Forced to Defend Selves in SENSATIONAL Harvard Street Shell & Berryhill Food Market Protests Against Trans Atlantic Slave Trade Holocaust Deniers; “We come in peace. Whites want war. We come in name of justice whites covet injustice,” Tulsa County Black Foot Soldiers Praise Protesters Courage & Heart in Face of Hypocrisy & Continued Reparations Denials.

While no one else has been connecting these dots, this obscure hateblog does, leading to the question ‘What does that author know, if anything, about this connection?’ Further, there are lots of ‘black-on-white’ murders and robberies all across the nation, so what led this author to focus on these heinous acts, complete with graphics?

If there is a connection will our hapless, worse-in-the-nation police be able to act on this information? Will the NAACP or Urban League condemn these wicked assertions?


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