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Pigs promise to poke pugs in pubs looking for plowed patrons

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So the ABLE Commission and the HIPO and Tulsa Pigs are promising to go into establishments that serve libations looking for drunks this New Year’s Eve, as the KOTV blog helpfully reports.

What are the chances these brave, courageous ‘law enforcement’ ossifers will stroll into Southern Hills Kuntry Klub, or any of the haunts of Tulsa’s elites? ZERO CHANCE! This pusch – as heinous as ‘drunk’ driving may be – is as phoney as a three-dollar bill. Very few people at BARS on New Year’s Eve will not ‘blow’ a .08% – and even if they did and are not causing a disruption why even bother?

All you need to know about how wicked and corrupt Tulsa’s injustice system is is answered by the supposed answer to the question posed above: will the thuggish pigs go to the country clubs or other places where the well-to-do party? They will not because our criminal ‘law enforcement’ knows who to shake down and harrass: the 99%.

Read this next part very, very carefully: I would not be surprised at all – and would appreciate the act quite a bit – if a couple of the thuggish pigs attempting to perform a take-down on some poor partier are set upon by the other patrons like a pack of wild dogs on some filthy vermin. But the syndicate’s thugs are too smart for that – they will not wade into anything but nice middle-class bars with stupid young people who have been cowed into worshipping anybody in a uniform will be easy pickins for our brave, brave ossifers.

Designated drivers? ‘Tipsy tow’ services? Call-a-cab? All ruses and apparently meaningless if any partier has more than one drink an hour. I can think of numerous charity events where the elite just drink like fish and get into their cars and just drive drunk as hell to their nice, rich homes. In fact, I wonder if any of our proud, brave ossifers have ever observed that criminal Tim Harris double-fisted drinking his gin-and-tonics or whatever that girly drink he prefers? I know I have.

So one more reason why Tulsa sucks, one more reason to stay as far away from this place as possible, one more reason why Tulsa is just one, big, awful stick-in-the-mud.


Written by thetulsan

December 30, 2011 at 11:46 am

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