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Kialegee Tribal Town’s Red Clay Casino: Vandalism a Federal crime? Worth an ass beating?

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Just questions I had when perusing the Broken Arrow Ledger blog’s excellent coverage of the Kialegee Tribal Town’s (KTT) Red Clay Casino in suburban Tulsa County. But the more important question – especially if the vicious vandals were zealous right-wing teens – would be how much jurisdiction the Broken Arrow police or Tulsa Sheriff would have over a call to the Town’s property should some zealous teen gets shot or beat to hell upon being caught by the Town’s lawr enforcement or security officer.

Two separate incidents should concern the families of the vandals. Yesterday, the onsite offices of the KTT were found vandalized, while last week construction equipment was disabled as an unknown gelatinous substance was poured into their diesel tanks.

One look at the Mekko’s fax to Tulsa World blogger Susan Hylton’s alleged hit-piece on the controversy surrounding the Red Clay Casino should be a clue: hey, you vandals, when the clan you are dealing with call themselves ‘king’ and ‘warrior’ – you really should be careful on their property.

Speaking of blogger Hylton, observe the headline on her latest blog entry, ‘Kialegees say they’re within rights to build casino.’ First: a contraction in the headline? Really? Second: that would be the ‘Kialegee Tribal Town’, no? Finally: the Tribal Town is not ‘saying’ it is within their rights, they are asserting their rights. In response to the disreputable meddling of Congressman John Sullivan and Senator Tom Coburn, the Kialegee Tribal Town released this statement:

A great deal of misinformation has been circulated and accepted as true regarding the Red Clay Casino, to the point that even responsible and respected political officials are now citing those erroneous reports as somehow demonstrating that improper activities have taken place.
Contrary to statements made about this project, there is no requirement for a transfer of jurisdiction to the Kialegee because we already have jurisdiction under our tribal treaty rights and in our capacity as a member of the Creek Confederacy. Moreover, the Kialegee have been asserting and exercising government control and jurisdiction over this Indian Land for a considerable period of time. We have made great efforts to publicize ongoing Kialegee government control and jurisdiction over this Indian Land. These actions include posting permanent signage, flying the Kialegee flag and conducting and publicizing on-site tribal activities.
At all times, the Tribe has worked with federal officials to insure both full disclosure to them and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. In addition, our representatives have had numerous meetings with City of Broken Arrow officials to discuss the project. We regret that the very officials that are publically opposing our project have not taken the time to meet with our Tribe. The Kialegee Tribal Town is a sovereign nation with members who are also citizens of the community; tribal officials and members should be given the same respect and consideration as the non-tribal citizens, pastors and business leaders.
We have been working closely with a team experienced in the development and operation of tribal gaming facilities with special attention being paid to environmental requirements. In addition, we have been working with one of the country’s leading Indian Law and Gaming Law attorneys who has years of experience working with tribes, local governments and federal officials on projects such as this one. The suggestion that any laws or local concerns are being ignored is false.

The lawyers heading up the Citizens Against Neighborhood Gaming assert that the land is being leased to KTT by two individuals for meeeeelions of dollars per year. No Casino BA also say that KTT tried to start the project during the Holidays to avoid scrutiny without even going to local officials – as if they had to anyway – a point demonstrably false on its surface. How much else they assert is false is as yet unknown – as is the merit of their claims.

The next major event in the drama is January 14 – the deadline Coburn and Sullivan have given the Indian National Gaming Commission to state whether they have given this project a clean bill-of-health.


Written by thetulsan

January 10, 2012 at 11:45 pm

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