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Stolen Valor? ‘Tulsa Marine’ was NOT [last Tulsan to die for a mistake] killed in Afghanistan, per se.

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‘Stolen valor’ is a concept whereby false claims of military heroism are asserted, either by a civilian or a former armed service member claiming exploits beyond which that person should; think of a chef (and NOTHING wrong with that, believe me) who asserts after coming to the Homeland that he was a ninja assassin Omega Force member or whatever. This is far, far worse than ‘Like Freedom? Thank a Vet’ bumper stickers; my vet has nothing to do with my freedoms, and more to do with giving my pets rabies shots [RIMSHOT!]

It seems the sad case of depressed Marine Jon-Luke Bateman posits a new kind of stolen valor, with at least four places to date able to put their place-name in front of the word ‘…Marine.’

Of course what brings this up is the sickening headline ‘Tulsa Marine dies in Afghanistan,’ with the bare-bones story being one-time Spartan School of Aeronautics student Jon-Luke Bateman died, tragically, during combat operations in Bumfuk Province in Assghanistan. Immediately our minds go to our neighbors and classmates, co-workers and friends thinking that some local boy died [for no damn good reason, BTW.] Specifically, electrocuted by some field generator with another soldier, supposedly on patrol but probably just trying to hook up a generator at the FOB.

As reported by the Las Vegas Journal blog,

“Marines at Camp Pendleton, Calif., had listed Bateman’s hometown as Tulsa, Okla.

“But Bateman’s stepfather, Tony Allen, of Huntsville, Ark., said in a Facebook posting that Bateman attended college for only a short time in Tulsa, where he enlisted in the Marine Corps.

“He is a resident of Pahrump, NV. He attended school there and went through (junior) ROTC,” Allen wrote.

“He was not killed in a combat situation. Our son died coming to the aid of another Marine. He was killed trying (to) save another life and sadly they both lost their lives.”

So, there, right? WRONG! Pahrump was such a shithole that on his Facebook page he identified his hometown as Las Vegas! That, at least, according to a cool blog about military family life in the San Diego area. Does it end there? No! Even in that report Cpl. Bateman was a ‘Camp Pendleton’ Marine!

So, wherever you were from, kid, RIP.


Written by thetulsan

January 26, 2012 at 10:53 pm

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