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MENINGITIS OUTBREAK? Tulsa Health Department urges calm: EVERYONE PANIC!

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Following the meningitis death of a child in Pawnee County, Union Public School parents should be very, very concerned that only a letter was sent out regarding a second case at one of its elementary schools earlier this month. As the KOTV blog reports, however, for the lazy Health Department, things are ‘business as usual,’ even as the the school is disinfecting every surface and the child in question has been absent since leaving school two weeks ago.

So even as Tulsans are terrorized about the flu – getcher shot, drone! – we are supposed to just shrug when this fast-acting, extremely deadly disease is prowling The Region. That poor, grieving Pawnee County family is being treated as if they are spreading a rumor about their baby’s death: see the KOTV blog’s headline: ‘Parents SAY . . .’ as if they are scaremongering!

They are not ‘saying’ shit, you corrupt lying bastards! Their baby is dead! D-E-A-D from bacterial meningitis! This is not their opinion you stupid whores!

Note this comment from the blog:

The entire stoy has not been told here, my 5 month old Granddaughter just got out of Saint Francis Childrens Hospital after a 20 day stay which I’m sure is the same thing (Meningococcemia) that’s going on here. My Granddaughter is also from Pawnee county I think there is a comon [sic] link there. The News on 6 is calling it Bacterial Meningitis and not the same thing as what happened in Oologah, but my Granddaughter’s was the same thing. So what I’m saying here is the Health Department needs to further investigate.

NOPE! Business as usual! And this without reiterating the ‘Don’t Bug Me’ admonitions to wash hands frequently, etc. Man, every element of Tulsa government is so poorly run, so corrupt and deceiving, you damn better not be calm.


Written by thetulsan

February 15, 2012 at 10:38 am

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