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#UNCIVILWAR: Hero Seargent Marine Shot Like a Dog in Front of His Children…BY COP!

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Read this and weep, just cry out to the Almighty for deliverance, because we are living in a hellish police state where the gods with tin badges have licensces to kill. Especially you veterans who thought you were the gods with the power to arbitratily kill and spare, you are NOTHING but meat bags whose sole role is to bow down and worship anyone with a badge.

A veteran Orange County sheriff’s deputy feared for the safety of two young girls sitting in a parked car when he shot and killed a Marine sergeant in a dark parking lot near San Clemente High School, authorities said Friday.

Sgt. Manuel Loggins Jr. was shot early Tuesday as he started to get into the SUV where his two daughters — 9 and 14 — were sitting, authorities said. Jim Amormino, a spokesman for the department, said the deputy was fearful that Loggins — who he said appeared to be acting irrationally — was about to drive off with the girls.

“The real threat that was perceived was the safety of the children,” Amormino said.

“The deputy formed an opinion that he had a deep concern for the children, that he would not allow Mr. Loggins to drive away with the kids,” Amormino said.

A former commanding officer said Loggins routinely went to the school with his daughters during the early-morning hours to walk the track and read the Bible.

Amormino said Loggins was not armed and that it doesn’t appear the incident was alcohol- or drug-related.

So why was Sgt. Loggins just gunned down? Probably because he bristled at some order to act like a dog when given an illegal or improper order. Man, that is cause for the death penalty, just shot down in front of his precious little girls.

YOU MAY BE NEXT. Loggins never thought it would end that way, shot dead in cold blood doing nothing but trying to be free. That stupid-ass bumper sticker ‘Like Freedom? Thank a vet!’ should read ‘Like Freedom? SHUT THE FUCK UP SCUMBAG GET ON THE GROUND AND WORSHIP ME!’ [BOOM! BOOM!] Happy Black History Month, Sgt. Loggins, your mistake was thinking you were free, when our country is free falling into the bottomless abyss of hell.

The pigs say the deputy was afraid for the children, and nothing shows concern for their safety like just opening up yer clip point-blank at the vehicle they are in, huh?


Written by thetulsan

February 17, 2012 at 6:10 pm

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