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KJRH blog admits: Casinos target locals, not visitors!

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Do the whores over at the KJRH blog advertise casinos? Just wondering, because the lil’ blog has issued an unusual admission: CASINOS DO NOT TARGET VISITORS, THEY ARE FOR THE LOCALS!

Now I support the casinos because I support a generally libertarian view of freedoms, but you probably remember that the casinos were going to bring in revenues from around the ‘region,’ drawing in suckers’ money to the area even if most of the profits were going out of state and country.

Read it for yourself:

The Kialegee Tribe is one step closer to making a profit off of Broken Arrow residents.

Not Cowetans or Fort Gibsonians or Porterans or Tulsans, nope. THE PRIMARY TARGET FOR CASINOS ARE LOCAL RESIDENTS!

Do you think the KJRH blog is going to refuse to accept casino cash, having made this admission? And if the Kialegee Town Village is successful in its bid to get its Red Clay Casino on the board, will KJRH refuse to run their ads? Sheeeeeit.


Written by thetulsan

February 20, 2012 at 10:47 am

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