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WTF TulsaWorld Blog? LaFortune in ‘low-crime area’? LOL!

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You Outsiders who are considering moving to this wretched back water should know that there are no ‘safe’ or ‘low-crime’ areas in our city. There are areas where the misery is more profound than others, but for the most case every neighborhood is near a ‘high-crime’ area.

Consider the Tulsa World blog’s assertion that – following the rape of a jogger in LaFortune Park – the Park is in a low-crime area! What a joke! Do not be fooled, Tulsa does not have ‘safe’ areas or is any safer than any other crappy mid-sized town in the midwest beset my meth and gangs and dangerous drifters.

The area just north of LaFortune is a constant crime zone, a real pit with shitty apartments and dirt-poor residents. That ‘x’ with an arrow pointing from a skull to it is where just last week a nice elementary school teacher was murdered in a hit-and-run – again in broad daylight. Robberies, assaults, murders, rapes, allll within 90 seconds of ‘safe low-crime’ LaFortune Park.

Funny how the lying liars in the whore media use ‘safe’ and ‘low-crime’ to some pathetic advantage for how cool Tulsa is – instead of warning readers that Tulsa has been designed to spread the misery of cheap-ass apartments to allllll neighborhoods.

Consider Byron Ivory’s brutal murder down at SOBO, 18th and Boston, the World blog’s headline ran ‘Tulsan faces murder charge in deadly downtown robbery.’ And this is the SECOND designation for where the shooting took place, here the World blog says it was just ‘near downtown.’ Kind of funny they never use the term ‘SOBO District,’ when that is the SOBO District. I mean, if anything happens downtown it is allllll the Blue Dome District (Where is the BOK Tower? Why, over by the Blue Dome District.’) SOBO is one block from the Maple Ridge, half a mile or so from Swan Lake, Cherry Street, and Riverview neighborhoods, but not in the World blog’s lexicon, where the bloggers are confused as to whether correctly typify downtown as the rathole shitfest it is, or whether to spread the fear and misery to, y’know, ‘safe’ neighborhoods.

Look for yourself, by any designation Ivory’s murder (the red ‘x’ below) occurred in Swan Lake, Riverview, or Maple Ridge, but as long as the World is dispensing the Kool-aid, they can call that bitter almond taste whatever they want, and you dolts will just drink it down.


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