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Former Councilor Eric Gomez arrested! Good?

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Douchey former City Councilor Eric Gomez was arrested Saturday night/Sunday morning for alleged domestic battery in front of a minor, resistance, and interference. Hard to know who to root for because Gomez was a real douchebag once when he went to show our shitty house on shitty Brookside, but on the other hand our police are capable of any lie, of any false charge, of any abuse of power and Gomez is – in my book – innocent until PROVEN guilty. I-N-N-O-C-E-N-T.

Hopefully he does not rely on a friend’s recommendation and get some burned out alcoholic trying to show off his acumen in court, but instead gets someone on fire for justice. Hell, I hope his lawyer actually gives his fucked up situation more than five minutes before trial; if he does, that is five minutes more than some lawyer-who-should-be-disbarred might give him!

Again, I do not believe these accusations for one second. This is a waste of time and clearly some pig was needing to take the rest of his shift off. Our cops are hotheads, liars, princesses, whose every utterance should be doubted and tested. Of course, in this shithole of corruption and kangaroo courts the pigs are gods – just like any third-world banana republic!

Too bad you were not interested in our criminal injustice system when you had a chance to do something about it, because now you are ruined Gomez! You will never ever escape this charge! You are now and forever more a drunken wife-beater! And you do not even have the ability to say that you fought off the pigs for three minutes after nearly being killed in a car accident! See, I am one bad muthefucka, according to that cocksucker Ron Conway with Storey Wreckers – because he said in court that it took three people three minutes to hold me down! Fuck you pussy Marines, you have as much honor as any Nazi ever did or you would personally find this Conway and bring him to account.

Hey Eric, was your ‘resistance’ just jerking your hands away for a moment or did they need to knock you down in the middle of a busy road and pepper spray your ugly face? Was your ‘interference’ really just a momentary interruption or were you witness tampering or tampering with evidence – the real definition of ‘interference’? And your supposed ‘victim’ did she/he hit you first because they were drunk?

Good luck!


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