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Proposed Turkey Mountain amusement park upsets bushwhackers

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Bruce Cockburn’s
Wise Users

Hear me you business blackmailers
When I see what you’ve done to the wild
I feel like a man standing over
The corpse of his murdered child

Use it wisely
Use it wisely … go on
Reap your harvest, Wise Users
‘Til everything is gone

Haul the last fish from the ocean
Poison the beds where they spawn
Drag the last tiger to market
So some prick can stand tall in Taiwan
And if you lay drunk in your wasteland
I’d take your wallet and spit right in your eye
No point in explaining this action
You’ll never get it ’til the day that you die
If I gave you a gun with one bullet
For the honor left so far behind
Would you think what you’ve willed to your offspring
For nothing unto nothing consigned
And yes, I believe there is beauty
And yes, I believe in truth
And in the seemingly infinite hunger
Of humans for destroying them both


Written by thetulsan

February 21, 2012 at 1:58 pm

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