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Whups! Missed another important Black History Month date! Malcolm died Feb 21!

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And did you know the man who killed Malcolm was released from prison just last year, and still has not spoken about the deed? Every other assassin has been interviewed and been the subject of at least a little controversy (grassy gnoll stuff), but not this man. Of course any likelihood of his ability to think independently would have been excised out as neatly as if he had had a lobotomy by years and years of brainwashing, but is it not odd he has not been vetted by the Fourth Estate?

The government killed Malcolm like they killed Martin and Johnny and Bobby. Malcolm was leaving the Nation because of the Honorable Elijah Mohammed’s pedophilia, the Hajj-induced revelation that Allah is no respecter of skin color, and that the Second Amendment was there for self-defense – not squirrel hunting or revenge killing. Malcolm promised to unify black folk in a nationwide movement that – if not stopped – would have fundamentally changed our nation for the better.


Written by thetulsan

February 25, 2012 at 9:06 am

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